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Game of Thrones Is Over – Here Are Some Other HBO Shows To Keep You Entertained

It’s been almost a decade since Game of Thrones had it’s pilot episode aired, and since then, fans have been on an adventure of a lifetime as they’ve been through so much that’s happened in the world of Westoros and beyond. However, whatever your expectations for the show were, and whoever you wanted to win the game at the very end of the road, the show is now over.

Yes, there is a prequel show for Game of Thrones on its way, but there’s no telling when it’ll air, and until then, you’re going to be desperate to watch something that can help you get rid of the hangover you’ll have when you’re done watching the entire original show. Luckily for you, there are plenty of HBO shows which guarantee the same quality of storytelling that are likely going to captivate you and help you get over Game of Thrones while providing you with a whole lot of entertainment.


One of the finest shows that HBO has ever produced, this one’s got two seasons out already, which is perfect for anyone who’d like to binge a show and get all the Game of Thrones hype out of their system. The third season is already being filmed and on its way, and until then, you’ve got 20 episodes of Westworld that are definitely going to blow your mind and show you a great time.

The show offers a well structured story line that’s both, elusive and entertaining, and makes you feel for the characters involved. The amazing directors and actors have got together to pull off one of the most epic sci-fi adventures of all time, and as if that wasn’t enough, Ramin Djawadi, the man who’s responsible for much of the music in Game of Thrones, is also working for the show’s music – needless to say, it’s the best that you could expect. The cast is about to see the addition of Auron Paul, the star from Breaking Bad, for the third season and we’re certain that’s likely to make the show even better than it already is.


Unfortunately, this show was cancelled after two seasons because it proved to be too expensive to continue. However, the lessons that the producers learned from this show were what caused Game of Thrones to be possible in the first place, so in a way, we have this show to thank for 9 years of entertainment. The show, as you might imagine, follows the story of Julius Caesar and Augustus in the story of the Roman empire and is sure to leave you sweating with anticipation.

A lot of the show’s episodes will remind you of Game of Thrones with all the plotting and scheming that takes place. Instead of a documentary, this show brings you in touch with the personal lives of some of the most influential people in history, and the setting makes the show all the more entertaining, immersive and believable. You’ll feel right at home if you’re missing GoT, and although there aren’t more than two seasons of the show, you’ll feel like your time was well spend watching it.

Upcoming HBO shows

It seems like HBO themselves were well prepared for when Game of Thrones would end, which is why they’ve made sure they’ve got some high quality shows coming up.

Watchmen and His Dark Materials are two shows that are set to take the world by storm later this year, and you should clear out your schedules for them so you don’t miss out. His Dark Materialis based on a novel that goes under the same title by Phillip Pullman, while Watchmen is a drama set in the superhero universe – however, one in which heros have been outlawed. The teaser trailers for both shows are already out, and we can’t wait till these promising shows are released in full.

Once you’re done with all of these, you’ll likely have gotten over the need for more Game of Thrones episodes and will be able to get on with your life. We’re hoping that the new shows that are being released will be worth watching since that’s something that we’ve come to expect from HBO by now.

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