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Four Best Horror Movies To Watch This Winter Season

Halloween season is often considered to be the best time to catch some spine-chilling horror movies. There seems to be a connection somehow. However, there is probably another time of the year that has a stronger connection with horror movies and that’s the winter season. Winter has the potential to be the most frightening and brutal season amongst all and it is probably the best time of the year for you to treat yourself with the finest movies of the spooky genre. Classy horror films supposedly capture the horror ethos in the most perfect way possible. The following list comprises the best of horror movies to watch. Note them down.

The Abominable Snowman

Winter and no yeti? How is that possible? The Abominable Snowman is, known to all as the most terrifying yeti that became popular through Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a much liked Christmas special. He has also portrayed the role of an antagonist in several King Kong-style spooky flicks that you have gorged on over the years.

The Abominable Snowman has a stellar cast with Peter Cushing playing a scientist who sets out on a botanical expedition to the majestic Himalayas along with his life partner. He is threatened on his way by a dreadful monster – the abominable snowman. The flick features a few mindboggling sequences and the way the landscapes have been put to use is commendable. With that being said, many do not consider the film as a definitive horror one.

The Thing

The Thing is possibly the greatest film ever churned out with the Arctic as its background. The John Carpenter flick revolves around a team of Arctic researchers who chance upon the remnants of an alien craft. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? They soon come to realize that they are under siege by an extraterrestrial creature that can take up any form of its choice.

There is a mathematician in the group, who knows that if the creature isn’t stopped from entering a civilization, no one would be able to save the planet from destruction. The Arctic landscape proves to be a perfect background for all the tension and chaos that prevails. The Thing is one of those horror movies which could capture paranoia in its classic way and leave you sleepless for days to come.

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick adapted the Stephen King novel that goes by the same name into a classic that goes down as one of the most memorable horror films ever made. The film has been nothing short of an inspiration to various interpretations. The film captures winter’s dark side with utmost perfection. The storyline revolves around a man who goes by the name, Jack Torrance who is employed as a caretaker at an old hostel situated in Colorado when it shuts down for the winter holidays.

His wife and son accompany him. The frustration that is built within him for long coupled with a feeling of isolation drives him insane.  The climax of The Shining is set during a snowstorm and all credit goes to Stanley for capturing the helplessness of the entire situation, of course, the beauty of the snow.

30 Days of Night

Have you read the comic series that this spooky flick is based on? The film’s premise can leave you spellbound and the execution is highly interesting at irregular intervals. Since vampires can never go out during the daytime, they make up their minds to visit a town in Alaska during that period of 30 days when the entire town is drowned in darkness.

30 Day of Night features some of the most ferocious and brutal vampires you must have ever witnessed on the big screen. Being disgusting at the same time, the vampires have been portrayed in a way no other film possibly has, to date. Once you catch this flick, you can be assured that there is no other season as dangerous as winter. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, savoring every minute of horror that you are treated to and sending chills down your spine!

These are some of the best horror flicks that can remind you of the fear that might lurk around this coming winter. If you haven’t yet watched any one of the above four, you have surely missed out on something. Grab your subscription as soon as you can.

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