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Five of Stephen King’s Novels That You Can Look Forward to Seeing on the Screens Soon

Any lover of films can tell you that there are many Stephen King adaptations being released these days, and they’ve all been a delight to watch. There are many more still to come, and here we take you through a few more of the iconic author’s stories that you can look forward to seeing come to life on the screens!


This is somewhat of a horror anthology film masterpiece that is undoubtedly one of the genre’s greatest productions. In 1987, a sequel was released, but now we have a new TV show to look forward to based on the book! The project is a team effort, with Stephen King’s story being brought to TV show life by Greg Nicotero for AMC. Every episode is expected to have a different set of writers and directors, but what with Nicotero being so passionate about the Creepshow masterpiece and its spirit, it is expected that great things will happen. We can look forward to the comic book setting the foundation for a fabulous TV show in the very spirit that it was born.

Doctor Sleep

On October 30, 2019, we can all look forward to an adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining. Mike Flanagan is the director of the adaptation, and he sure can be trusted to produce a great viewing experience after his work in Gerald’s Game, Oculus, and Hush, among many others. Doctor Sleep was actually penned in 2013, and it is a rather late sequel since it comes a whopping 36 years after The Shining was published.


King’s novels are known for their premise of a young girl discovering that she possesses crazy, unbelievable powers, but every time it happens, it isn’t short of fabulous. Firestarter was made into a screen production back in 1984 and starred Drew Barrymore, but it is currently under production again — this time with Fatih Akin who is known for the Golden Globe-winning In the Fade. The new adaptation is expected to have a lot more edge than the original adaptation, and there are rumors of a potential franchise in the works!

Sleeping Beauties

Stephen King is a man whose work has been so heavily adapted that his 2017 novel title Sleeping Beauties was optioned for production into a TV series before the book was even released! Now that’s what we call a reputation! King certainly wields a lot of power in the entertainment industry. Stephen King wrote this book with one of his sons, Owen King, and it is based on the story of a nightmare of a future in which women suffer from a sleeping disease of horrific proportions. This novel is a story of the effects of this disease on the men of an Appalachian town. Of course, this book simply screams TV series just by the sound of its premise. It was reported that the executive producers for the adapted series would be Michael Sugar and Ashley Zalta, but there hasn’t been much talk since the deal was penned a year ago, and so we don’t know for sure when this one can be expected.

The Tommyknockers

Stephen King himself called this novel of his an awful book back in 2014. He admitted that this was the last novel he wrote before he pulled himself together, and he is convinced that though the book is 700 pages long, there is a great 350-page novel hiding within it. As it happens, producers Larry Sanitsky, Roy Lee, and James Wan all share the same sentiments as they have decided to go through with a movie adaptation of the King novel. The production is currently in the works, coming together via Atomic Monster, a company owned by James Wan. The allegorical tale of addiction is expected to shine in a different light once the essence is captured and depicted in the film.

If you haven’t realized it already, there is a Stephen King story for every type of person! King is one of the world’s most heavily adapted authors, and watching any of his films or reading any of his books will easily tell you why that is! He has published 61 novels since 1974, his most recent being The Institute. In addition to that, he has over 200 short stories he’s written. Dig into King’s works for your entertainment!

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