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Five Highest International Goalscorers in the History of Soccer!

As Americans call it, soccer, soccer is a sport with a massive fan base worldwide. One of the best players of this century went on to create history. He spread cheers in the world of soccer with his achievement this time, just as always!

However, this time even those from the rival teams embraced the celebratory spirit. And everyone was cheering for the star. If you are not keeping track of this sport’s developments, this might seem Greek and Latin to you. So, here’s what we are talking about.

Ronaldo went on to score his 101st international goal while playing for Poland on September 8, 2020. This not just took his team closer to victory but found him a place in the history of soccer too. His career began in 1992, and has since then played for numerous teams leading them to victory.

He now plays for the Juventus club and takes home a $64 million salary a year, which escalates his net worth to $500 million. Need we say more about his professional career and his success? He went on to earn a mention in the list of top 25 goalscorers of all time in the international soccer tournaments!

Well, Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer player who needs no introduction. The 35-year-old Portuguese footballer has scored 48 goals in 47 international matches since the time he turned 30! Isn’t that massive! Well, here are a few other soccer players who have created history and made it to the list of five highest international goalscorers in the history of soccer!

Ali Daei

This Iranian player holds the record for scoring 109 international goals so far. In his international career spanning over 13 years from 1993 to 2006, he managed to pull this feat!

He was a striker for clubs like Bayern Munich and Hertha BSC and led his team to victory in numerous instances. Following his passion for the sport, he serves as a manager and coach for numerous teams.

Ferenc Puskas

Ferenc Puskas held the second-highest goalscorer in soccer history until September 8, when Cristiano Ronaldo filled the place with 101 goals. The record held by Ferenc Puskas is for 84 goals, which he managed to score in the 85 games that he played.

Playing on behalf of Hungary, he led the team to victory in the 1954 World Cup and was named the best player!  He left behind a void in the heart of every soccer fan with his demise in 2016.

Godfrey Chitalu

Godfrey Chitalu stands third in this list with 79 international goals to his credit. To give you a perspective of his prowess as a footballer, he won the title Zambian Footballer of the Year five times. He was playing for the Zambia National football team from 1968 to 1980.

Hussein Saeed

Hussein Saeed is a soccer player who was playing on behalf of Iraq. He led his team to victory in 1979 and 1984. Besides that, he also won his team a gold medal in the 1982 Asian Games.

During his long-standing international soccer career, he scored 78 goals to become an inspiration to many people across the world in that generation!


Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or Pelé, as he is famous, is a former Brazilian football player. He is a great soccer player from the 20th century. He went on to become the leading goalscorer of all time for Brazil. Besides that, he also held the title of being the youngest goalscorer in a World Cup final. Doesn’t this in itself speak volumes about his prowess as a footballer?

These are just some of the players in the history of soccer who have scored the most goals. Besides these, every nation has its list of soccer superheroes who have brought fame to their nation. Closest to these top five players are Sandor Kocsis (Hungary), Kunishige Kamamoto (Japan), Bashar Abdullah (Kuwait) with 75 goals. And next in line is Sunil Chhetri from India with 72 goals.

Imagine the amount of effort, passion, and dedication these players nest in their hearts. Don’t forget, all the hard work they put in to achieve this enviable feat that is awe-inspiring! Has your favorite soccer player and your favorite soccer team made it to this list? Isn’t it interesting to know all about the top goalscorers in international football history? Share this article with a fellow soccer fan and celebrate the achievements of your favorite star.

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