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Five Films that Make Us Fall in Love with Julia Roberts Over and Over Again

Whenever we think of a star lighting up the screen like a thousand-watt, we think of Julia Roberts. There aren’t very many actors in Hollywood who match her caliber or her aura? Do you agree? Julia Roberts ensures we keep our eyes riveted on screen as long as she is there on the screen.

We can’t quite decide what makes us root for her, is it her enigmatic smile, her real expressions, or her eyes dancing to the tunes of conviviality.

We keep going back to her nineties romantic comedies and intense characters whenever we need a solid entertainment dose. Julia has dabbled in several genres with great success. No wonder she was at one time the most sought after actress in Hollywood and won some of the highest accolades and awards.

Take a look at some of Julias’s best works, and we don’t mind watching the endless reruns on television.

Erin Brockovich

Whenever we think of Julia Roberts’s exceptional films, we think of Erin Brockovich. This was the film that made her break away from her romantic comedic roles and made her switch to a gritty role, where she essayed a legal clerk fighting a large company almost on her own.

She juggled her role as a single mom and fighting a cause with aplomb. In this biographical role, when Erin, aka Julia, discovers that a company is poisoning a city’s water supply, she decides to take the fight to court.

Mona Lisa Smile

This film is set in the 1950s and narrates Katherin’s story, a woman who has never played according to the rule book. Her unusual and unorthodox teaching ways, yet in a girl’s college, taught the girl students all about freedom who were bound by societal norms. Katerine inspires her students to look at what society teaches and liberate themselves from the clutches of an unforgiving society.

Pretty Woman

One of our absolute favorite movies, in this movie, Vivian (Julia), was a lady roaming around the streets to make some quick cash. As the film moves on, we discover her wacky side, who discovers the luxe side of life. We love the romantic interludes with Richard Gere (Edward). Her childlike glee in discovering something as simple as a bubble bath to shopping at a plush store, to decking up for a racecourse stole hearts.

The way she walks, tall and elegant, down the hotel lobby in her fiery red immaculate gown, is all about cinematic perfection. Her blossoming romance with Edward is a treat to watch. The pretty woman certainly put Julia at the top, where she belongs.

Notting Hill

Julia plays a movie star in this film (Anna) in Notting Hill with such perfect poise. Here she discovers the life beyond the glossy world of cinema, the simple joys of life that elude all movie stars. This was certainly a tear-jerker. We couldn’t help bring out our tissues every time Julia emotes those famous lines to Hugh Grant. Her falling in love with the manager of London’ Notting Hill’ book shop kind of rekindles our faith in modern-day fairy tales.

 My Best Friend’s Wedding

I haven’t watched My Best Friend’s Wedding!”, said no one ever. This is a classic that never quite gets old, and we just watched it’s two hundredth run on television. There is something about the film, unrequited love, and her desperation to sabotage her best friend’s wedding. Julianne finally lets go of her love with a smile on her lips, and a tear in her eyes is magical. Julia is excellent as Julianne. And though she tries out some not-so-nice ways to get her guy, we keep rooting for her till the end of the film.

Realizing that Julianne (Julia) she loves her best friend after his engagement. We felt her heartbreak, but we also rooted for her friendship with her Rupert Everett.

However, these are not the only nice films of this pretty lady. These are just the five of our favorites from a whole long list. So, which one is your most favorite? If you are not able to pick one, here’s what you could do. Get on a binge-watching session and fall in love with this pretty lady all over again!

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