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First-Time Mom Gigi Hadid: Here’s What The Supermodel Had To Say About Motherhood

The Long Labor

Last year in September, 25-year-old ravishing beauty Gigi Hadid became a mother. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter at her home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. While the bundle of joy fills her heart with love, it is impossible for her to forget the 14-hour-long labor. And we heart the fact that her partner Zayn Malik, was by her side through the entire journey. Gigi’s sister Belle, her mother Yolanda was also present. They, along with a local midwife aided Gigi in childbirth.

Gigi knew the journey would be a tumultuous one and she felt ‘crazy’ back then. But there’s a different sense of pride now that she’s a mother! And she cannot stop gushing about the happiness the little one has brought into her life and that of her partner.

Home Birth

People were curious as to why Gigi chose home birth over a hospital. She was clear that she gave up on the idea of delivering a baby at the New York City hospital. That’s because the COVID cases were increasing, and the reality hit hard. Besides, there were apparent limitations on the number of people present inside the delivery room. And that would mean both Yolanda and Bella would not be by Gigi’s side at the childbirth time. This prompted the family to think otherwise.

The Documentary That Changed Everything

Gigi recollects watching a 2008 documentary, The Business of Being Born, along with Zyan. And that was a life-altering moment for the duo. The movie was a stark reality about everything that could go wrong with interventions in the medical space. The documentary also throws light on how home births are equally successful if done right. And they made up their mind to take the route less explored! So they kept a blow-up bath inside the bedroom.

Next, they adhered to every instruction that the midwife gave, specifically related to their three cats, which generally tend to use their claws and puncture the tub. Zayn had asked Gigi about her choice of music during the process and was particularly surprised. She chose the audio version of The Indian in the Cupboard, a favorite among children’s novels.

Without wasting time, he downloaded the same, and then the duo watched it together in the early hours of the labor. It’s not every day that you get a partner like the former One Direction star. A self-professed press-shy person, it was amazing when Zayn described his experience as that akin to a male lion from a documentary he watched. Seeing the person, one loves and being helpless is hard to digest. He felt much the same as he remembers the lion being nervous as the lioness delivered the cubs.

The Excruciating Pain

Coming to the pain of labor, that’s surely unimaginable! Gigi knew it would be the “craziest pain.” But her classmate from Malibu High, Carson Meyer, her mother, and midwife, coached and mentored her so well on undergoing the pain. A point came when she even felt like giving up and wondered how different it would have been with the epidural.

But the midwife encouraged her to continue the pushing, for she crossed the ‘epidural’ phase then, and would have had to do the same was in the hospital at that moment. The outcome was no doubt brilliant, and both Bella and Zayn were proud of her, but it was hard to hide their fear during this process, and it was evident on their faces.

Khai – The Chosen One

Khai – that’s the name of the baby girl! In January, Gigi took to Instagram to reveal the name that emanates from the Arabic word, meaning “the chosen one.” Now that she looks back, she’s thankful that the baby’s heart rate showed consistency all through the labor. Her world is small, and Yolanda, her grandmother, always tends to her, even when the mother isn’t around.

Alongside, she also has to take care of the ponies- Muku and Mamma. So it’s quite a balancing act. But, the world needs to learn from a high-paid celeb as Gigi, who has no typical “crutches” that come with new motherhood, caregivers, or nurses. Gigi made up her mind to take care of the baby all by herself and her family cannot be happier for her!

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