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These Films on Netflix Will Give All the Thanksgiving Feels!

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family, food, and enjoy some good movies on Netflix! While all the hosting, cooking, and catching up with friends and family can make you feel a little tired. However, the best way to refresh yourself is by watching some fun shows on Netflix. Netflix has many Thanksgiving-related movies streaming, which can perk up your holiday TV lineup like no other. So, sit back and enjoy these movies that promise to give all the Thanksgiving vibes.


Everyone will relate to this film, especially those who are asked invasive questions during a family holiday. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey are the protagonists who are strangers but act as each other’s date during social events. They embrace this approach to avoid questions from the family members about their relationship status. However, the plans over the arrangement turn on their head around Thanksgiving. ​

Lady Bird

​This coming-of-age dramedy stars Saoirse Ronan as a headstrong teenager as she navigates through her senior year of high school and handles the ups and downs of her relationship with her mother, Laurie Metcalf. One of the showdowns between the two protagonists happens during Thanksgiving, when Lady Bird chooses to spend her holiday with her friend Danny and his wealthy family instead of her own, hurting her mother’s feelings. It is a great watch, and you can enjoy it with the entire family.


Thanksgiving is all about having friends and family over and enjoying a good meal with them over-generous dozes of laughter and hearty conversations. However, Friendsgiving isn’t all about rainbows and sunshine, it does not involve family members, but it’s complicated. Here, two friends think about celebrating a quiet thanksgiving, but things become haywire as more and more people turn up, making it a noisy, boisterous affair.


There is one aspect of Thanksgiving we cannot ignore, and that’s food. Food has to be an integral part of the film with a name like a chef, right? Most people cooking for a Thanksgiving table may feel the pressure of cooking up a storm on the day. However, what if you botch it up? Well, Jon Favreau, a chef, feels the pressure of his job and has a big fight with a critic at the upscale restaurant where he works. However, he turns the table and opens a food truck with his best friend, ex-wife, and son! The film provides some food for thought, quite literally!

Holiday Rush

DJ Rashon or “Rush” Williams loses his job, and that leaves his family. He and his four kids are in a lurch as they need to downsize and move into his Aunt Jo’s house. The DJ and his family tighten their belts and pull together when their luxurious life turns on its head just before Christmas. This comedy-drama brings out all the Thanksgiving feel as it reminds everyone what the holidays are really about.

Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is not what you can call a Thanksgiving-themed movie, but if you see it, you’ll feel it is one. This romantic dramedy follows the protagonist Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper). He tries hard to sort his life and bring it back together after combating his bipolar disorder at a mental health facility.

While staying in Philadelphia, he begins a new friendship with a depressed widow named Tiffany Maxwell (Jennifer Lawrence). The two find themselves in the middle of a convoluted scheme created by Pat’s eccentric father. Silver Linings Playbook is all about football, so it replaces turkey but involves all the family feels.

You’ve Got Mail

Nora Ephron’s romantic-comedy You’ve Got Mail brings in the romance part to enwrapped in Thanksgiving magic and is a great watch to bond with your family on Turkey Day. When there is Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the equation, you’ll have plenty to warm the cockles of your heart. The anonymous correspondence over the internet of the duo and how they finally meet is the perfect plot to enjoy over your Thanksgiving leftovers and warm your cold feet with a warm and snug rug!

There you go, your holiday watchlist is ready, are you ready to watch it? Do you have any more movie suggestions for this holiday season? Do let us know in the comments section!

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