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Emma Stone’s Special Bond with Ryan Gosling and How He Completes Her Life

Emma Stone has a special place in her heart for Ryan Gosling. The pair has won over millions of hearts with their on-screen chemistry by starring in a number of movies together like Love, Stupid, Crazy and La La Land. Over the years, they have forged a special bond of friendship that is difficult to break. Gosling means a lot to Stone and the actress claims that he has had a positive impact on her career and life.

While many people may think this relationship is leading to something more serious than just their on-screen union, Stone refers to Gosling as a dear and wonderful friend and she can’t even imagine what her life would be without him.

According to Stone, Gosling is so imperative on any movie set. She said that he is a wonderful actor to work with and he is always ready to collaborate with her on various film projects. One of the biggest life lessons she has learned from Gosling is generosity since the actor has a big, charitable heart.

She is very sentimental about Gosling because he is so special and that makes her emotional.  The pair has become the best of friends on movie sets that many people always want them together.  Now we know the reason why Stone cannot imagine her life without Gosling.

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