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Emma Roberts Credits Her Career Confidence to Reese Witherspoon

Emma Roberts’ life revolves around entertainment after her acting debut in the 2001 movie, Blow. She was nine-years-old when she auditioned for the movie and has gone to star in other blockbuster films. What we didn’t expect to hear from Roberts is that she lacked self-confidence because she has been so bold on the screen.

However, Roberts may not be as bold as we expect her to be when it comes to her career. At 27 years old, she has starred alongside some of the biggest superstars in Hollywood especially her role model, Reese Witherspoon.

Roberts didn’t know she could produce, and direct as well as star in a show until Witherspoon did it. Watching Witherspoon perform and directed on Big Little Lies, gave the young actress confidence in her career.

Roberts thinks Witherspoon is the biggest trailblazer on television when it comes to female actors and has admired her since she was a child for her talented acting skills. However, her work on Big Little Lies gave Roberts the idea that anything is possible in Hollywood especially for directors and scriptwriters who have the freedom to create compelling stories and characters.

For those of us who watched Roberts on Nickelodeon as a child, we are not surprised she credits the TV network for making her acting dream come true.

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