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These Celebs Successfully Pulled Off Disappearing Acts – For Good!

More and more celebrities are choosing to steer clear of the limelight, keeping their private life more private and simply living more of a low-key lifestyle. Once upon a time, the glamour and glitz were something people were chasing after, and celebs were thriving in. These days, it looks like the pressure is too much with all the advancements in technology.

The technology also makes it possible for privacy breaches using drones, hacks, internet, and the like. In history, there have been many who have tried a vanishing act and failed. Some succeeded, too. Here are a couple of celebs some decades ago who have successfully disappeared! These celebs went missing right under everyone’s noses!

Richey Edwards: 1995

Remember Richey Edwards? The lyricist and rhythm guitarist of Manic Street Preachers? Well, he was a rock idol in the UK in the middle of the 90s, and he was everything you would imagine a star rocker to be. He was dreamy, moody, and strikingly handsome. He was famous for his excellence in depressing lyrics and his many difficult publicity stunts.

Well, his greatest publicity stunt was in 1995 when he vanished from his hotel room. They went on to find his abandoned car near the Severn Bridge. He has since been declared dead, but only legally since his body hadn’t surfaced. He’s probably still out there, given the many stunts he pulled off during his stardom!

Connie Converse: 1974

Connie Converse was a musician from the 50s. She didn’t receive the stardom and status she thought she would back then, but that has changed. People consider her as one of the first singer-songwriters of modern times. Her melancholic tunes laced with intimate and poetic croons were made when Bob Dylan was still teething. Unfortunately, the people at the time were oblivious to the ground-breaking star that Connie was.

Come 1961, Connie gave up music for good and felt that her efforts had been fruitless. She disappeared in 1974. Her songs saw fame from 2009, and she even found a mention in The New York Times. The album called How Sad, How Lovely is a collection of Connie’s songs released in the 00s.

Oscar Zeta Acosta: 1974

Remember watching Fear and Loathing in Vegas? Well, the man who brought to life the larger than life character ‘Doctor Gonzo’ in the film was none other than Oscar Zeta Acosta. Acosta, in reality, was a man with a large appetite for the (mostly illegal) indulgences in life, like alcohol, hallucinogens, and drugs.  His fate was a mysterious one, with him simply disappearing in 1974. Hunter S. Thompson was his friend, and he spent years searching for Acosta, but to no avail. Some believe Acosta had a nervous breakdown and took to hiding and living a low-key life in Mexico. It’s hard to imagine a man of such appetite in hiding for so many decades!

Bison Dele: 2002

More recently, we have a basketball player who simply disappeared. Bison Dele was once Brian Williams, a lanky and skillful basketball player. He blazed through the NBA and hurt many egos along the way. Famous for being exceedingly eccentric, he eventually gave up the sport when he was just 30 years old.

He was first in Lebanon firing bazookas for the hell of it and then went on a leisurely voyage through Asia as a rich but homeless man. He wound up in Australia and learned to sail, bought a boat called Hakuna Matata, and took to Hawaii. Unfortunately, he and his crew of his brother, girlfriend, and captain, vanished out at sea. However, the brother was found later in Phoenix and arrested. Nobody else was ever spotted.

Rico Harris: 2014

Even more recently to disappear is Rico Harris. He was a basketball player for the team Harlem Globetrotters in 2000. Harris had also been ranked among the Top 100 in the college basketball circuit. He never reached his full potential thanks to his drinking problems, but everyone took notice of his talent, and he became a star. When he eventually disappeared in 2014, he had already left the basketball scene and got a job as a security guard.

He simply vanished, and his car was found abandoned. There were sightings reported and human prints found along State Route 16. It thus led to many people believing that he has hitch-hiked someplace away from everyone he knows.

A disappearing act isn’t so easy to pull off these days. Indeed, it is much more difficult with today’s lifestyle. It couldn’t have been that easy back in the decades passed either. However, these smart cookies have managed just that and who knows what they were up to. Did they assume different identities and even go for cosmetic surgery to change their faces? Or did they hideout on a remote island someplace? Did something more sinister happen to them? Who’s to know!

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