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Cardi B Gives Husband Offset Second Chance, But Only on ONE Condition

The shocking news of Cardi B and Offset’s separation was hard to swallow for many fans in 2018. No one saw the bombshell coming since the couple were head-over-heels for each other ever since they got married in 2017. While many of us dreamed of seeing Cardi B in an expensive wedding gown, it was a shock to her fans that the fairytale wedding was over. The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony which only included the bride and groom’s immediate families.

Only recently, rumors started circulating about a reunion between the estranged couple in Puerto Rico but the news turned out to be completely false. But disappointed fans were given a reason to cheer up after Cardi B herself announced that she had decided to end their feud and call truce again. The singer has forgiven her cheating husband and is ready to move with his to their Atlanta home to work things out.

However, Offset must obey certain conditions Cardi has for him if he wants the marriage to work. Offset must change his phone number to weed off intruders and he cannot associate with any of his female friends while they are together. The watchword is ‘faithfulness,’ for Offset who has no option than to abide by Cardi B’s conditions.

Cardi ended the marriage in 2018 because Offset cheated on her with an Instagram model. His actions left Cardi heartbroken and she decided to kick him to the curb to teach him a lesson about unfaithfulness.

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