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Brilliant Characters Trapped In Otherwise Terrible And Disappointing Movies

Several factors work in tandem to make a movie compelling and successful. The plot, storyline, direction, cinematography, music, performances, and of course, the characters play pivotal roles. For instance, when you think of films such as The Godfather, the Star Wars series, and the ones from the DC and Marvel stable, the first thing that comes to your mind is the iconic characters that made all these movies memorable. However, all films don’t receive as much success as those mentioned above, even though the characters in them were far more brilliant and captivating in comparison. Unfortunately, something or the other failed and these films turned out to be disasters.

Sandy Lyle – Along Came Polly

There is no iota of doubt that Philip Seymour Hoffman might not be amongst us anymore, but he will always be hailed as one of the greatest performers of his time. He had an uncanny habit of stealing the spotlight with every movie he appeared in, irrespective of how uninspiring it might have been. For example, take the 2004 film, Along Came Polly. Starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston, this movie was supposed to be a rom-com.

The characters of Ben and Jennifer overcome a lot of professional and personal hurdles in their lives to eventually fall in love with each other. Not only was the chemistry between the two actors somewhat lukewarm, but there also was no originality in the script. The humor was stale and the characters failed to win hearts. However, Philip’s portrayal of Sandy Lyle, the best friend of Stiller’s character literally carried the whole film on his shoulders. He seemed so damn genuine in his role.

Vincent Corleone – The Godfather Part III

Movie buffs couldn’t ever imagine in their wildest dreams that this movie sequel would actually turn out to be a dud. Expectations were quite high after the franchise attained iconic status with its predecessors. The Godfather Part III was supposed to pull down the curtain on the epic rise and fall of Michael Corleone and was perceived as a final farewell to the most legendary characters of the series.

Aside from being completely disjointed and uninteresting, fans couldn’t even relate the sequel to the previous chapters. The only saving grace was the character of Michael’s nephew, Vincent Corleone. It was portrayed on screen by Andy Garcia. Vincent’s unwavering loyalty towards his family and larger-than-life persona was let down by the script. The character was so powerful, it could easily have a trilogy of its own. Unfortunately, the failure put an end to everything.

Charlotte Bless – The Paperboy

Nothing much needs to be said about the acting prowess of Nicole Kidman. Not only her beauty is mesmerizing, but the way she carries herself in every film is also a treat to watch. The Paperboy is one such flick you would love to watch if you are a die-hard fan of the actress. Though the ensemble cast of the 2012 film, directed by Lee Daniels, included the likes of Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack, and Zac Efron among others, it was Nicole who stood out with her portrayal of Charlotte Bless.

Those of you who have watched the movie would swear by how magical the actress has been. The Paperboy is based on a novel of the same name, penned down by Pete Dexter. Dexter’s work has raw emotional power and intelligence which the film lacked completely. Weak performances from brilliant actors like McConaughey and Efron let the movie down. The brilliant and intimidating Charlotte stood high above the rest.

Richard Messner – Smokin’ Aces

Ryan Reynold’s charm and popularity can make any film a winner at the box office. Surprisingly, he has a habit of working in films that have turned out to be failures, both critically and commercially. It seems that the makers have not been quite able to utilize the actor’s potential. The packed cast of Smokin’ Aces includes Ben Affleck, Alicia Keys, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Pine, and Common, aside from Ryan. All of them had roles that could pretty well catch the imagination of the viewers and make the movie a runaway hit.

However, Richard Messner, the character played by Ryan, was the one who eventually tuned out to be the leading presence, thanks to the actor’s brilliant performance. It is a common belief that had Ryan been given more time to showcase his skills, he could have taken the film out of the mess it eventually found itself in.

Some of the other brilliant characters that were trapped in terrible and disappointing movies are Officer Max Kennard in Gangster Squad, Billy Hope in Southpaw, and Bertha in RoboCop 3.

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