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The Bizarre Reason Why Bruno Mars Ditched His Manager

Managers are a vital aspect of many celebrities’ coordination and rise to fame. Sometimes, trouble arises between a manager and celebrity. However, there are still legendary managers who have made huge impacts on celebrities’ careers. What many of us don’t know is that some of these managers are very expensive to keep and stars are now starting to ditch the trend. Bruno Mars is one of the many celebrities who has been doing without a manager, and we must say, he’s doing quite well!

Mars’ music has been streamed over a billion times around the world, a feat that has only been accomplished by a select few artists. He has also won six Grammy Awards and is a wealthy musician who is worth millions. With over a $100 million in his pocket, he is not willing to share 20% of this wealth with a manager. The singer depends on salaried workforce to represent his personal brand. This smart move has saved him millions of dollars.

Many managers have attended the six figures because they are managing celebrities. While many celebrities don’t have issues with the payment to these managers, there are many who cannot afford to spare such a percentage.

If a manager was the only way Mars could have become successful, he would have found a way around. He is not slowing down and working very effectively, thanks to the hard work of his salaried staff.

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