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The Biggest Netflix Shows That Got Canceled in 2019

If you have been a fan of any Netflix Original, you would probably know that you should not get too emotionally attached to any Netflix show. This is because the streaming giant has built some sort of a reputation for abruptly canceling series, including the most popular ones, after one or more seasons. 2019 was a sad moment for all the Netflix fans out there, as Netflix had to cancel no less than twenty-five series. Here’s taking a look at some of the biggest Netflix shows that went off the air this past year.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Way back in May, the announcement came about the possible end of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Season 4.  However, the good news was that a movie would follow soon which hasn’t happened to date. Don’t worry. The recent update is that co-creators will write the film of the series- Tina Fey and Robert Carlock.

But this will happen only after the 4th season work gets over. The possibility of movies means multitasking, and surely the duo needs to pay extra attention to their health and fitness. But before that, others seem to take stress about what’s coming up since everyone’s in the dark!


Anyone who is a fan of Gypsy knew exactly the extra slow pace and drab storytelling that this show specializes in. So it didn’t come as a surprise when the show came to an end. However, there were a few controversies surrounding this show. It had nothing to do that most viewers couldn’t view it on cable TV, but the fact was the cancellation happened a bit too quickly. Although the writers kept penning down scripts for Season 2! The prime star of the show, Naomi Watts, who stars as a sly, bisexual therapist, was also under shock from this sudden cancellation. Wonder if she had to make frequent visits to the rehab that led her to get into the skin of her character!


Most love stories end on a tragic note, whether web series or movies. Probably that’s why the makers of the popular rom-com on Netflix, Love, thought of wrapping things up, too. A show that had an overwhelming viewership was primarily the story about two unlikely lovers who somehow fit the bill for each other.

While it’s unfortunate for most fans who least expect this sudden turn of events after season 3, but then that’s how it’s likely to end. The show is still ticking the right points with its supporting cast. Maybe it’s time the crew members take a break or hit the gym to rewind!

Everything Sucks

Netflix had to cancel Everything Sucks chiefly because the audience couldn’t make it after the first episode. The coming-of-age comedy went off air merely after two months of its start, leaving the fans unhappy. We wonder if the situation would have been a little different if the show was on cable TV. But then you need a larger audience to stay on par with competitors. As per insider reports, the show’s budget was less, which partially explains the reason for cancelation. Perhaps makers need to increase their credit score a bit more the next time.


Comedy series Girlboss on Netflix will not have its second season. The fact it came from the Denver & Delilah production company of Charlize Theron, the famous Hollywood star of several hit movies. While she was able to make her films a success, there was little that could be done to retain the audience of this web series.

This short run of the series followed suit like high-end, big-budget series popular on Netflix. But then, Girlboss had poor ratings (32% on Rotten Tomatoes), and the central character didn’t create much of an impact. Her passion for dealing with vintage clothing online and showcasing her entrepreneurial side did little to impact the masses. The audience could not look beyond the character dabbing anti-aging creams and looking pretty. However, the show makers say they will create a show with a good lead the next time.

Lady Dynamite

Netflix is canceling more and more shows as they now have a different approach to spending their funds. Much like the show Love, Lady Dynamite also came to an end after the second season last year. That was quite sudden, as the show had an average critical score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. It also had a viewers rating of 81%. The show drew inspiration from Bamford’s life. It came from skillful people like Mitch Hurwitz of Arrested Development fame and Pam Brady.

2019 saw the most number of Netflix casualties. We have to wait and see how many show Netflix ends up canceling this year.

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