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These Are The Biggest Hollywood Flops Of All Time

Most of us never really hear about the movies that don’t make it. We’re too busy with the films that make a splash at the box office and in turn, make millions upon millions in profit. However, there’s another side to the film industry that isn’t so great to witness, and that’s the part where films don’t make the sort of money that they were hoping for. Such failings can really make producers quit the movie making business altogether, and actors and actresses who act in such movies also find themselves in a bad spot if they are seen to be part of the reason why the movie essentially flopped. There are all sorts of reasons that could lead to a movie flopping, from bad marketing, hard to follow plot lines, to bad acting. Quite often, the writers and producers are the ones who get most of the blame as they fail to execute their vision properly, or didn’t start with a good vision to execute in the first place. Here we have some of the biggest Hollywood movie flops ever:

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

This movie simply wasn’t good, and the low ratings it got on most movie-review websites have made that abundantly clear. The budget for it was huge, starting at $100 million, and while other movies have had even more, this is by no means a small amount. The story revolved around sci-fi with a twist of comedy as well, but it didn’t hold out well on the big screen. Almost nothing about the movie was likable, which is surprising as it’s main character was played by none other than Eddie Murphy.  The movie ended up with a net loss of $96 million! That’s the sort of scar that the people behind the movie are going to carry around for a while.


The sad part about Stealth losing all of the money that it did is that it didn’t have a direct role to blame for its failing. It had a pretty big budget of $135 million, but it wasn’t as popular as the other blockbuster movies which were launching alongside it, at around the same time. With so much competition in the atmosphere, this movie couldn’t stand its ground and had to go through a pretty dismal opening weekend. Stealth itself didn’t have too many problems in and of itself, but other movies which launched on the same weekend as it did perform much better, taking away all the revenue that should have been its. It ended up losing around $96 million dollars, which is a huge blow.

47 Ronin

With a production cost of $175 million, you’d think that the directing role for the movie would be given to someone with years of experience and a vision for the movie. However, the director for this film didn’t have nearly as much experience as he would have liked, and that ended up being this movie’s unfortunate undoing. Carl Rinsch simply wasn’t able to handle how he was supposed to deal with a movie of such massive proportions, and even had to be taken out of the picture when it came to the editing process of the movie. Some big changes were made to the movie after that, but it was beyond saving at that point. Although the movie used some of the best technology available, it wasn’t enough and didn’t end up pleasing the fans as the producers had hoped that it would, resulting in a whopping $90 million loss.

The Lone Ranger

This movie might have failed, but it could have been far worse. It received two Oscar nominations, which helped it save face in front of a box office disaster. The idea behind the movie was pretty simple and looked like it could easily be used to generate huge profits. With Johnny Depp involved after his amazing performances in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, it didn’t look like anything could go wrong, but that’s exactly what happened. We’re not quite sure what went down to the smallest details, but the production phase of the movie was a complete nightmare. It was bad enough to the point where it didn’t look like it would actually release. However, it did end up releasing but netted a loss of nearly $200 million.

Movie flops aren’t always a bad thing either. They help the movie industry know what the audience is looking for as well as keeping producers and writers from getting lazy. Furthermore, it’s always nice to talk about movies that were so bad that it’s entertaining to discuss them.

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