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Beyoncé Extravagant Spending on Her Kids


Beyonce and Jay-Z got the best gifts for themselves when they welcomed their daughter, Blue Ivy after five years of marriage.  Blue Ivy was handed a responsibility of a big sister when the twins, Sir Carter and Rumi were born.  These kids are not the normal kids that can be given anything. Their parents taste for them is on the high side. Little wonder, Beyonce and Jay-Z are spending a fortune on them.

Over the years, the super couple has gifted some of the outrageous expensive things to their kids. During the first birthday party of Blue Ivy, the celebration cost the couple nearly $200,000 but the $80,000 diamond –encrusted Barbie doll for Blue Ivy was the highlight of the day.

The couple had gotten a solid-gold, handmade rocking horse worth over $600,000! created by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka, a famous manufacturer of precious metals materials, and a $15,000 on a high chair designed by Carla Monchen covered in Swarovski crystals for their Blue Ivy.

These gifts are few of the extravagant spending Bey and Jay had spent on their kids. The older the kids, the more expensive gifts they get. Who knows what they would get next year?

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