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Betty White Turned 98: Here Are Some Intriguing Facts About Her That You Probably Didn’t Know

Betty White spent more than eight decades in a career that has made her a popular TV icon. Apart from being an amazing actress, she is popular as the most favorite grandma! In case you thought we’re referring to her grandchildren, you’re mistaken. She doesn’t have any biological kids. But it’s impossible to imagine so.

The adorable picture that she has carved in everyone’s mind makes it difficult not to remember her when thinking of a grandmother figure. However, there’s more to learn about this 98-year old American woman. All smiles and replete with the best of advice, Betty shows no signs of ‘slowing down.’ Here are facts that you must know about her.

The Female Star With The Longest TV Career

Yes, that’s true! The Guinness World record has Betty on the list for carrying through a TV career, which started way back in 1939. It was on the West Coast TV show where she danced, which was a first for her. No other female in the history of TV can flaunt this.

Almost There In As Good As It Gets

There’s no role that she enacted where she did not shine. Betty had failed to bag Beverly Connelly’s role in As Good As It Gets. But that’s because she had issues in one of the scenes where Jack Nicholson’s character hurt a dog.

The simple fact is she was an animal rights activist and didn’t want to engage in a role where viewers would get a wrong notion. She had even tried to remove the scene from the script itself. But James L. Brooks, the director, felt it was apt to cast Shirley Knight, instead of her. But let’s be honest here- she won our hearts!

Unimaginably High Net Worth

Did you check the records yet? Yahoo Finance stated that her net worth is close to $75 million. Just in case you thought of her as a yesteryear star who barely managed to get a few dollars and cents, the figure might have just bowled you over! But where does she spend her money on? Well, we guess expensive jewelry items and Werther’s Originals.

An Active Member Of The TV Academy Hall Of Fame

Shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls won her numerous awards. In 1995, her popularity, found her an induction into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. Besides that, she also got nominations for three Emmy Awards for her work on Mary Tyler Moore. And from this, she won 2- going by Encyclopedia Britannica.

She Wanted To Be An Opera Star

Betty loved opera from a young age, 14 to be precise. Not just her passion, but she ensured she completed her studies with the bests in the industry. Despite such big dreams, she wasn’t a big star. Rip Rense’s biography based on Betty details how she deflected soon after (as she mentioned, ‘I think I discovered boys and all kinds of other good stuff’).

It also spoke about how she made her foray into TV and movies. We bet she would have been a bigger sensation than what she is now, had she stuck to her dream. But the fact she ventured into the tinsel world and the world now knows her is also a big gain.

She Loves Gorging On Junk Food

The Hot in Cleveland star also has a penchant for everything served ‘fast.’ Betty loved eating French fries, hot dogs, diet soda, licorice, and more.

Well, this lifestyle isn’t exactly what’s appreciated, but we’re glad at least now she doesn’t indulge in these. Until the years these worked for her, we must say Betty managed to keep in shape and balance her love!

The Luckiest Old Broad Live

This is ‘according to her’! If you check her biography, she has herself said the ‘luckiest old broad alive’ award is something that she should win. And that’s because she gets to do what she loves in most situations, especially when thinking of acting and working with animals. Maybe we shouldn’t disagree on this one.

White is one of the few rare gems alive, and it’s amazing to learn facts about her we least knew. We hope she will also cross the 100-year mark, and we would continue to see her entertain us for many more years to come.

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