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Best Stephen King Movie Adaptations That Will Both Entertain and Spook You!

Stephen King is certainly the master of horror and one of America’s most prolific writers. Not only are we inspired by his books, but his movie adaptations have been equally amazing! But what makes Stephen king tick? And what makes him the most adapted writer in the history of movies? Well, we don’t know. It’s just his movies are as addictive as his books, creepy, gory, scary he brings it all and puts it on to the next level.

And we are sure everyone would agree that Stephen King grew into a brand name in the industry from a best-selling author in no time! We could say that the very tagline of a ‘Stephen King’ movie is enough to create sky-high expectations! While it is impossible to make a comprehensive list of the best film adaptations, here are a few of them, some of the best we could think of!

The Mist

The 2007 movie, directed by Frank Darabont, is the perfect example of horror from the classic era. The film adapts the 1980 novel of the same name and packs in the gruesome like nobody’s business! Thomas Jane plays David Drayton, an artist who gets trapped in a supermarket with all the residents of a small town in Maine and his son. A mysterious mist swirls around them, enveloping them with all its ferocity. It provides a threat from an alien world, and how the people go to great lengths to survive the ominous threat forms the crux of the story.

Secret Window

This 2004 movie, directed by David Koepp, is a great psychological thriller. But did you know that it is an adaptation of the novel Secret Window, Secret Garden? Johnny Depp plays a writer who is suffering from writer’s block after going through a divorce.

Things take a turn towards the worse when a violent John Shooter, played by John Turturro, goes to Rainey’s (Depp) cabin and accuses him of plagiarism. While Shooter tries to punish Rainey, he quickly learns that he may have more than a few things in common.  It includes a generous dollop of the weird with the right layering of thrill, a combination that always works with the audience.

 The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone, a movie by David Cronenberg, is everyone’s favorite. The king of horror presents an emotional drama about Johnny Smith. He explores the journey of a man waking up from a coma after a near-fatal car accident. He now develops a secret prowess of knowing the past, present, and future of someone he touches.

This superpower ocassionaly turns into a curse for him as he watches people around him die. And the wayy it disturbs him psychologically is what forms the story’s crux.  Christopher Walken delivers a remarkable performance as the protagonist. His initial indifference turns to empathy as he resolves to save the world even at his expense. Martin Sheen’s villainous turn is another knockout performance to watch out for.

Dolores Claiborne

Kathy Bates turns in another impressive performance after yet another Stephen King movie, Misery. After winning her Oscar for Misery, Kathy Bates plays the role of a put-upon maid accused of murdering her millionairess boss. The news brings her estranged daughter Jennifer Jason Leigh to the picture. Taylor Hackford’s gives the thriller an expressionistic turn and showcases the mayhem that a man brings into the world of this mother-daughter duo.

Shawshank Redemption

This adaptation of King’s novel, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, has earned itself a classic status. But originally, it wasn’t so well-received in its theatrical run. However, it soon became the most popular movie of the past quarter-century. Perhaps because of the compelling storyline and the superlative acts by the protagonists.

An innocent convict (Tim Robbins) befriends a man with a golden heart (Morgan Freeman), and how he helps the convict escape from prison. It’s also maybe because of the central theme of imprisonment and how the convict escapes from the clutches of law with sheer dare-devilry. Also, it focuses on hope and how it can help you overcome hurdles in your way with ease. Hope can indeed help conquer all.

Well, these are just a few of our favorite Stephen King films. We love how he brings the perfect combination of shock and awe in the garb of horror. Genius, we say!

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