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The Best Movies Of 2020 To Watch During Your Next Movie Night!

No other year saw us waiting with bated breath on the departure of this tough year. 2020 has been good to most understandably and in several ways. But can we rule out the fact that immense possibilities in tinsel world went flak? Venue closures occurred, several movies never got released, but thankfully few made their way, and indeed they were incredible enough. After all, it’s no mean feat flourishing at a time when we least expect them to. The cinematic landscape has been hit hard by the pandemic. Despite some of the most devastating news that came through from different corners, the empire’s best movie list in 2020 deserves a read. These are some of the must-watch movies that we can’t afford to miss out on and could be good options during movie night.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

A noblewoman (Valeria Golino) is commissioned to paint a picture of her own daughter Heloise (Adele Haenel) way back in the 18th century Brittany. This work of hers was largely to attract wealthy suitors. But there lies a hitch! Heloise detests the idea of getting her likeness painted, resulting which Marianne decides to pull the work, as in the portrait, in a covert way.

We salute the creative writer-director Celine Sciamma, for coming up with a concept so rare, yet a masterpiece in every way. It’s intoxicating and a thrilling love story. The two central performances are breathtakingly beautiful who never refuses to “dilute the passion”. Let’s not forget the DP Claire Mathon. Perhaps no one else could have done justice to this lucid imagery that brought the intensity of the film at every point.

Uncut Gems

If you don’t know what ‘cinematic anxiety’ is, The Safdie Brothers are here to take you on a ride with a thriller that will indeed give you a panic attack! Thanks to Adam Sandler, who has given his career-best performance as Howard Ratner, a careless diamond dealer. So when a rate black opal from Ethiopia is bent to improve his fortunes, he leads himself to take some of the most difficult and dangerous decisions in life.

Sandler knew the balance he must create in his performance, which is why his sometimes jittery outlook and the confidence he displays will make you sway! At one point you might root for him, the next you would curse him for a choice that would make him go haywire. This one is a ‘pulse-pounding adrenaline ride’ of an action film that’ll stay with you for a long time.


Friendship is the basis of all relationships, and we’ve heard that numerous times. This British teen movie is a tad chaotic but a loving ode to this very basis. Rocks (Bukky Bakery), who aspires to become a makeup artist someday, was abandoned by her mother. Instead, she had to look after her younger brother Emmanuelle, assisted by some loyal friends who never deterred her to do all that they could.

Screenwriters Claire Wilson and Theresa Ikoko had conducted few extensive workshops for the film with an ensemble star cast. What shone through the film is the female indomitable spirit, strength, and resilience that stays real, raw, and funny in most parts. Rocks is a lovely reminder to all of us that we have connections in our lives with friends who must never be kept away, which the year has made us do for a long time.


When it comes to the fusion of genres, there is no alternative to the maestro Bong Joon Ho. The Korean master played it smart enough in a film that can never be categorized into any one well-defined category- satire, no; thriller, no; dark comedy, what?  Yet, it’s all there and more. The Kim family and unimaginably rich Parks are contrasted well.

The well-thought-out themes are present, and you can see the excitement building up with the twists and turns in ways you least imagined to be. Sometimes you might just get reminded of Hitchcockian suspense juxtaposed with super entertainment and laugh-out-loud lines. What should make us feel relieved is that even before the deadly year began, this one received the Best Picture Award. Correct in every way we say.

Before the year wraps up, it pays off catching up on these or at least a few of them.

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