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Arnold Schwarzenegger Private Business We Don’t Know


Do you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger built a $300 million real estate empire? While the super actor and one time governor is busy jumping from one movie location to another, he is busy thinking of how he can make more money. However, long before he became the Govenator,  Schwarzenegger has started a seed that would grow to a six complex apartment building.   What many people don’t know is that the Terminator Star was once a ‘beginning commercial real estate investor’.

The empire was the beginning of the actor’s success and he did it perfectly well.  When he finally arrived America, he started looking for ways he could pay for his auditions and competition without the regular every day jobs. Schwarzenegger had to save money from workshops, competitions and seminars  to complete his empire in Santa Monica.

The actor knew that he needed an income generating empire before he could buy his personal home. What this mean was that he had to live in apartment №6. He gave out the rest five to people for rent. He later sold the complex and got a 12-unit apartment building.

The 12-unit was also sold for a 36-unit building. Finally, he built an empire that consists of hundreds of office buildings, office buildings apartment units, and retail space in West Los Angeles.

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