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Amazing Rides in USA Amusement Parks that Are As Scary As They Are Thrilling

Roller coaster rides are not for everyone; however, if you are in it for the thrill of it, then you may find plenty of them in the USA. They are designed to give you the thrill and the adrenaline rush, which you may have difficulty in finding.  Imagine going for a ride that makes you shriek your lungs out and make you feel that you will fly off the seat any moment. You may even hear your teeth clatter in fear.

There have been times when you have been enjoying the hair-raising rides and vowed to yourself you will never go for it, but then you can never say never right? Let’s check out some of the scariest rides, that are bone-chilling yet so thrilling that you will be in a daze for a few days after.

Cedar Point’s GateKeeper Roller Coaster

Outlaw Run boasts off the world’s first and only double barrel roll (that’s 720 degrees) on a wooden roller coaster. Well, this one is as thrilling as it gets. You get to power on a $10 million ride takes and the head-spinning rush through the Ozark Mountains that you get is out of the world, especially when you get to drops you some 162 feet or more than 16 stories. No wonder it has made its way to the 2015 Guinness World Records. The Outlaw Run finds itself in the records as the second-fastest wooden coaster in the world, hitting a top speed of 68 miles per hour.

Cannibal, Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington

The name is scary enough, imagine the adrenaline rush that the roller coasters feel when they drop down the 208-foot climb into the air before diving deep into a 116-degree descent. Cannibal’s top speed stands at 70 miles per hour, with four inversions, enough to make you feel that you have waged a war, not that you will feel unscathed when you come out of it.

GateKeeper, Cedar Point, Sandusky

Cedar Point’s GateKeeper is one of the mean machines that promise to give you a monster of a ride. The wing roller coaster flies at 67 miles per hour over 4,164 feet of track. The wing coaster is a kind of steel roller coaster where riders can take a seat on either side of the track, with nothing above or below them, so the statement suspended into thin air becomes the literal truth!

The riders work through the openings in two towers at the park’s main entrance; they are advised not to eat before hitting the ride, as there is a good chance of you throwing up. Those inversions and a 164-foot wing-drop lasting all of 2 minutes, the 20-second trip has something to do with you wanting to puke! Brave are those hearts who manage to go through the ride with a smile on their faces without a trace of any fear in their eyes!

Millennium Force, Cedar Point, Sandusky

There is something about Cedar Point and rollers coasters! You will find another adrenaline-rush-inducing ride at the Millennium Force that stands at 310 feet high and scream at a frequency of 93 miles per hour over a complete mile of track. It’s known as a giga-coaster (mammoth roller coaster, maybe?) that makes you climb skyscraper-like hills and then makes you drive down pell-mell at a high rate of speed. Next, the elevator cable system lifts you to the very top of the tracks before you drop down to a breathtaking 80-degree angle and again drop down to a 300-foot long drop.

Intimidator, Carowinds, Charlotte

This ride is special as it is inspired by the NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, this coaster has a Winner’s Circle, a Victory Lane, complete with a replica of the NASCAR driver’s famous No. 3 Monte Carlo,  A wall of fame for the inimitable Earnhardt too! The ride becomes all the more thrilling when you do it at night. It offers the ultimate thrill at 80 miles per hour, giving you goosebumps as you drop down seven times; not to forget the drop-down at the 232-foot hill.

Banshee, Kings Island Park, Mason

Banshee was supposed to be the world’s longest inverted roller coaster, with some mind-blowing twists and turns the entire 4,124 feet of track. The shrieks you get to hear when people make it through the Dive Loop, Zero-G-Roll, Batwing, Spiral, and more may make you mistake it for a wail of a banshee. To add to the scare, there have been strange and out-worldly sightings and hearings at the park. Still up for it?

Tell us in the comments section below, whether you have ever visited any of these parks with roller-coaster rides!

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