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These Actors Had Just One Worthwhile Watch In Their Acting Careers

Tinsel Town is full of talent, there’s no doubt about that. Of course, we have the iconic stars, the legends who have left legacies to live on long after they draw their last breaths. Then, we have the talents that we hold dear to our hearts, the award-winning stars who have entertained us and our families for decades. There are also the ‘new kids’ on the block, the talents who are fresh and full of personality. However, there are also the forgotten stars, those who have had lightning strike only once. Here we take a look at some celebrities who have only one hit credit to their name.

Rob Schneider – Muppets From Space

Rob Schneider is, no doubt, a very familiar face in the comedy genre. You will have come across him in several films. The actor actually has an acting career extending to more than thirty years. Unfortunately, hardly any of the films he has been cast in have reached any acclaim. Big Daddy and The Water Boy did moderately well, and SNL did quite a bit to help him gain momentum in his career. Then, he had roles in Dude 1 and Bellman, films you likely haven’t even watched, which didn’t do him much good in his career. The closest Schneider came to a hit was with Muppets From Space, in 1999. Granted, the cast was nearly entirely puppets.

Marlon Wayans – Requiem for a Dream

If you’re an avid film watcher, you’ll know that Marlon Wayans tends to be cast in films that spoof more successful films. We’re talking about productions like the Scary Movie films, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood kind of films. Unfortunately for this talented star, it seems that his specialty is poorly rated movies with slapstick comedy at the forefront. However, can you recall the one dramatic role that Wayans impressed audiences with? It was Requiem of a Dream, from 2000. It’s Wayans over-the-top style of performance that let him down and landed him in the deep end with his later career.

Kevin James – Hitch

To be fair, there are actually a couple of decent films that Kevin James has been credited for – but they have been for voice roles. When it comes to voice acting, James is perhaps more accomplished than his action roles. In live action, James’s acting could benefit from a bit more ‘oomph’. However, one admirable performance that James delivered was in 2005 with his role as Albert in Hitch. It was a co-starring role, but he impressed all and sundry with it.

Steven Seagal – Under Siege

When it comes to the action movie genre, Steven Seagal is one actor who has earned his space in history. However, that comes with the volume of work he has done, as he has acted in over fifty films over his 30 years in the industry. He is perhaps the king of the mediocre ’80s martial arts films. There is just one film that is worth watching, of all the films Seagal has acted in, and that is Under Siege. The 1992 action thriller is certainly over-the-top, but it delivers in entertainment material.

Shannon Elizabeth – Love Actually

It was in the early ’00s when Shannon Elizabeth began building on her acting career. She generally took to the role of the hot friend, the hot daughter, or perhaps the hot murder victim. In fact, in Thirteen Ghosts, she was all three of these roles in one. The peak point of Elizabeth’s career was with her performance in Love Actually. After this 2003 film, the actress’ career nosedived. She has landed many roles since but the bulk of them aren’t worth much either to her career or as entertainment material.

In Hollywood, it seems like there’s room for an infinite number of celebrities, but this just isn’t the case. We probably feel like there are too many stars to count, but for every Hollywood star, there’s a bunch of struggling actors. The actors on this list have more credits that have wound up at the very bottom of almost every critic’s list, but the single hit they managed to score has kept them afloat. The moral of the story – not every lead actor in your favorite movies made it big.

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