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2021 Movies That Will Possibly Be Released in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has driven normal life off the track. With its onslaught, thousands of people have lost their lives. The economy has gone for a toss, and daily, the number of people affected with COVID-19 has been increasing manifold. Doctors and experts have advised everyone to maintain social distancing and stay indoors as much as they can.

Human-to-human transmission can prove deadly. The film industry, too, has had to take a few steps back and postpone several releases to the next year, i.e., 2021. Consequently, the films which were to hit the theaters in 2021 would now release in 2022. Have a look at those projects below.

Matrix 4

The Matrix trilogy from the late 90s and the early 2000s was something the audience loved. All three films in the series went on to attain iconic status. It thus gave Keanu Reeves superstardom yet again. The sequel, The Matrix 4, was due to be released in 2021 and was being considered as one of the biggest releases that year. The production team, led by director Lana Wachowski, probably completed the first phase of shooting in San Francisco.

They were all set to start the next phase of it in Berlin when they had to shut down the production. Keanu had two of his films lined up for release on the same date. The Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 were to be released on May 21, 2021. The plan was that the shooting of John Wick 4 would begin once The Matrix 4 production were over. Now, Keanu’s schedules of both his films are likely to clash with each other. Warner Bros. probably has a plan to do something in such a scenario.

The Batman

The legend was all set to hit the screens in 2021, much to the joy of his fans. However, things are looking gloomy now. This film from the Warner Bros. stable might have to miss out on a prime summer release date. Like Matrix 4, they had to stop the production of The Batman, too. When all other studios stopped their production amidst the coronavirus scare, the shooting of The Batman continued.

The film now has minimal chances of hitting the theaters on its scheduled release date, i.e., June 25, 2021. The movie, with Robert Pattinson as the lead, will probably see this light of the day, but there might be a drag on the dates. This means the movie might only be released in 2022, and that’s unfortunate for the fans. The Batman was one of the most anticipated releases for 2021, but it seems that the unavoidable circumstances led the production house to defer the scheduled release. For all of you Batman fans, it’s bad news as the filming has finally stopped for the time being.

Mission: Impossible 7

As per the reports, the next movie in this action-packed franchise was gearing up for a release on July 23, 2021. The shooting of this and the sequel, Mission: Impossible 8, had to happen back-to-back. But the production of the former shut down. That’s because they had to shoot most of it in Italy, which is one of the worst-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Owing to its over-dependence on a single location, uncertainty is now hovering around the pre-decided release date.

The production team is unable to move its base somewhere else. If Mission: Impossible 7 has to hit the screens on July 23, 2021, then the production of the film must commence around July 2020, which seems highly unlikely keeping the present scenario in mind.

Jurassic World: Dominion

It is the sixth one in the iconic Jurassic Park franchise, and the fans can’t stop getting excited about this. The scheduled release is June 11, 2021. However, things might not turn out the way we expect it. It had been only a month into the production of Jurassic World: Dominion and coronavirus had struck the world.

The production had to shut everything down. Consequently, this delay might push the release date to 2022. Every movie of this franchise has hit the screen between May and July and had amazing opening records. But now, even a summer release looks quite unlikely.

The fans wait with bated breath all round the year for these epic movies. Unfortunately, the current crisis has pushed everything away from normalcy. No one knows when things would get back on the track again. But we can only hope that they’re back to normal and the movies are worth the year-long wait!

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