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Take A Look Inside The Houses & Mansions of Your Favorite Celebrities

Rick Harrison – $3.99 Million, Las Vegas

Fans of the History channel will have no problem identifying this familiar face! Rick Harrison is the star in Pawn Stars and is the co-owner of the store founded by his father, which features in the show. His dad passed away as recently as 2018, and he has left the store in the care of Rick. What with all the earnings Rick sees through the reality show and the proceeds from the store, he can afford a luxury lifestyle.

Harison treated himself to a Las Vegas real estate that cost $3.99 million. The home is resort-like and offers a sense of paradise. The home is cozy in Red Rock Estates, stretching over 8845 square feet. Harrison purchased the home in 2016. Since this is Harrison’s home, we shouldn’t be surprised that there a 200-year-old door as well as an 800-year-old window!

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