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Check Out These Incredible Celebrity Cars! See Which A-Listers Are Driving What & How Much It Cost Them

Al Pacino – Est. $89,655, Lexus LX

Al Pacino is indeed one of the greatest actors that Hollywood has ever seen. He rose to fame during one of the greatest decades in the history of films, the 1970s. Since then, Al Pacino is an iconic and enduring figure in the world of showbiz. With his methodical approach and gritty performances in several iconic movies, Pacino has a huge fortune. His net worth is approximately $165 million.

Despite being one of the richest actors, Al Pacino seemingly loves to drive modest cars. He was recently spotted driving around in a Lexus LX, which costs approximately $89,655. Most of the features of the large SUV are pretty standard, although the V8 engine gives the veteran actor the throttle and horsepower he needs on the roads.

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