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We Challenge You To Find The Difference Between These Celeb Parents & Their Famous Kids

Leila Roker & Al Roker

On November 17, 1998, Al Roker and her wife Deborah, welcomed what seems to be a miracle and an answered prayer. Their daughter, Leila Ruth Roker was born after a delicate pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. New York City just can’t deny that Leila, now 20 years old, has grown into a gorgeous and stylish lady.

Leila admits that she is a Daddy’s girl but Al contributes all his parenting skills to the healthy teamwork he and Deborah have. Growing up, Leila attended a private school in Manhattan from primary to middle school. But Leila wanted a more diverse school in High School thus she asked her parents to go to LaGuardia School of Performing Arts instead. Al, being a TV personality and a Broadway actor himself just could not say no to his daughter’s interest.

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