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More And More Millennials Are Starting Blogging Careers – Here’s Why

Millennials literally grew up when the age of the internet and gadgets started dominating the world. This is a completely unique generation and their expectations about work and life are totally different than that of their predecessors. Millennials do not just want to climb up the career ladder, stay in the same job for a few decades, and retire happily; they prefer challenges in life, love to embrace non-traditional work styles, and are far more entrepreneurial than their parents or grandparents. They love to pick up side hustles and rake in more money than their parents ever imagined. Many millennials also run their own blogs which are extremely popular.

How Do Millennials Live Life?

The sweetest thing about millennials is that they value their relationships with their friends and online acquaintances. They often ask for their recommendations and opinions and love to share their experience as consumers with the online community. They also love taking part in various online activities so as to stay connected with the world through the internet. People from this generation have a very good sense of social justice, and they generally do not trust the profit-driven mega-corporations as they have already seen the Great Recession of 2008. They embrace fin-tech, love to diversify their investments, and often grab risky career opportunities. As they spend most of the time of their day in front of some sort of a screen, these people often choose to blog as a profession. Here are three more reasons why millennials can also be termed as the “blogging generation”.

They Love To Share Their Experiences

Millennials read a lot of blogs that feature a diverse array of things. 63% of millennials in the USA have completed their college education or are pursuing a college degree. These educated millennials often launch their blogs to share their knowledge with the world. The barriers to entry in the blogging world are very low. Millennials know that if they can deliver valuable content and can optimize their blogs, they can easily grow their audience. At present, Google holds 80% of the market share, and with the right SEO skills, these young bloggers can easily get a lot of traffic and monetize their blogs. Blogging helps them demonstrate their knowledge without sticking to a day job.

They Think Blogging Is A Good Source Of Income

Some millennials aren’t just passionate bloggers, but they see it as an earning opportunity, too. If they can build their audience, they can easily convert clicks into dollars, and there are quite a few successful millennial bloggers out there who have been making a few thousand dollars every month through blogging. Millennial mommy bloggers, for example, are smart and educated women who share parenting tips, mental health tips, and lots of useful information to young parents who follow their blogs. Blogging is both an income opportunity and an outlet for these stay-at-home mothers. Many bloggers first spend a couple of months building and growing their audience, and then they start monetizing their already optimized blogs. Some of them even launch their own products.

Blogging Helps Them Develop Meaningful Relationships Online

The world of internet helps millennial bloggers develop meaningful relationships with people across the world. They try to find common interests and passions and always try to grow a community by focusing on particular niches or areas of interest. Top-performing blogs cater to very precise demographics. The bloggers often help people find alternative income opportunities, discover investment areas, develop their soft skills, and many others. In other words, they help their readers find what they were already looking for, and this way, they often develop meaningful and symbiotic relationships online.

We all live in troubled times. Many millennials have seen the great economic downfall of 2008, and they know very well that they will be totally responsible for their own careers. For this reason, millennials are always geared up to embrace new challenges, new technologies, and new skills. The whole world is at their fingertips, and they know that with the right tech infrastructure and the right skills, they can rake in a huge amount of money. They have access to all the latest gadgets and technologies and this generation knows how to make technologies work for them better than anyone else. Quite naturally, blogging and similar kind of jobs are an automatic choice for the people of this generation.

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