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Four Books For Your Children That Will Help Them Break Stereotypes

We often sweat about how to bring up our children in the right way so that they have all the values that we would want to see in them as well as the ones that we were not imbibed with when we grew up. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. For a start, children usually do exactly what they see, not what they are told. If they see men dominating over women even though they are taught that both genders are equal, what do you think they will learn? Most learning materials, most especially books, encourage our kids to adhere to age-old norms. They talk about stereotypes and cliches that are not only outdated but also wrong sometimes. Keeping these in mind, a new crop of writers have published thought-provoking and important books that are trying to change the way children read and think. If you are a new-age parent or a parent-to-be, you might want to buy some of these books!

Malala’s Magic Pencil By Malala Yousafzai

The young Nobel Peace Prize winner is way ahead of her time and has a head full of ideas. She is a great role model for young girls all over the world. In her book, she talks about her own life, starting from her childhood and how she wanted to become a voice for change even at a tender age. The book also has charming illustrations by Marie Pommepuy and Sébastien Cosset, or together known as Kerascoët. Her inspiring experiences will help children from all walks of life to overcome their hurdles and follow their dreams.

Goodnight Stories By Rebel Girls By Elena Favelli And Francesca Cavallo

Though the book is clearly meant for rebel girls, it will be an equally interesting read for boys, too, if you can sensitize them about gender equality even a bit. Goodnight Stories is aimed at children above the age of 6 and has the stories of 100 inspiring women, starting from Elizabeth I to ace tennis player Serena Williams. Interestingly, the books were crowdfunded on Kickstarter and broke the records for their first two volumes. Most goodnight stories or fairytales talk about women in distress being saved by a male counterpart or they are primarily about the male protagonist. The stories here are a stark contrast; they tell children that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up.

Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be Different By Ben Brooks And Quinton Winter

Following in the wake of books like Goodnight Stories by Rebel Girls, another book topped the list for children’s books last year is Stories For Boys Who Dare To Be DifferentLike the various stereotypes that society has attached to girls, the same thing can be said for boys who are usually portrayed as Prince Charming, the dragon-slayer, the sports-lover, the prankster, and many others. But what about that boy who loves to read a book or the boy who can’t control his tears? And let’s not forgot the little ones who like to dress up as a girl? Usually, no one talks about them since they go against the norms that define masculinity. Here is a book that talks about the inspiring life stories of male celebrities and how they went against the tide often to achieve success.

The Restless Girls By Jessie Burton

The Restless Girls by Jessie Burton is best described as a feminist fairytale. Jessie Burton is the author of the bestseller The Miniaturist, and the huge success of the book made Burton a household name. After writing a number of fiction novels for adults, she has now ventured into writing for children. If you had read the Grimm Brothers fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princess, then you might love this one. The Restless Girls is a spin-off on that same story but with modern ideologies. This story emphasizes the importance of sisterhood and giving wings to your imagination.

Young minds are easily impacted by the things they hear and see. So, make sure they hear the right things and grow up with the right values. The world needs a lot of kindness, compassion, and restraint right now. If we teach them right, they will help in creating a great future for our world. Let’s start now!



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