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Unique and Wacky Business Ideas that are Popular Around the World!

Unique and wacky business ideas are catching up around the world. Even if it is a niche market, it is catering to people with eclectic choices. Most people will regard these business ideas to be funny and crazy. Still, the good part is it is catering to people who want something other than the usual.

Something non-conventional, yet manages to impress and satisfy the customers they are catering to is what we are talking about. Conventional is boring nowadays. Unconventional is certainly the way to go. Here are some amazing business ideas that are there to catch your attention.

Cat Cafes

Cat cafes are the latest buzzwords in Japan and Taiwan, where customers order beverages in a cafe and spend time with resident cats. They have been rising the popularity charts, and the first cat cafe to open was in Montreal in 2014. The rage for cat cafes has caught on in North America too.

Cat cafes are gradually joining the cafe’s list that doubles up as activity corners, too, such as gaming or bowling. This type of cafe is great for crowdfunding techniques via various sites such as Kickstarter. Of course, when there are cat cafes around, can dog cafes be far behind? It is generating many such spinoffs, and the customers aren’t complaining.

Stress Biosensors

Can a biosensor reduce your stress levels? There is a biosensor that can track your senses and helps you relax if you are stressed with the help of gameplay. This wearable technology, started by an Irish company, also helps the wearer understand and manage their stress. What happens when an idea catches on?

It just proves that even if the business idea is different, you will get support if it is good. For instance, when the company got back up from 555 backers who paid a total of $103,916 to kickstart the project. This trend caps off all the other trends where you get to use intuitive devices that have the power to read emotions. A similar example is the Mico headset in Japan, where the device maps its wearer’s moods and plays the wearer’s mood.

Biodegradable Packaging

Another creative idea that is contributing towards creating a greener world. So, this type of enterprise is catering to bioplastic packaging needs that can reach 8,84,000 tons by 2020, as per the Economic Times. Biodegradable bags contribute to 10 to 15 percent of the world plastics market and may only increase in the years to come.

EnviGreen Biotech, an Indian company, meets the demand for this product by making bags that mimick plastic bags. However, these bags are eco-friendly as they are made using starch and vegetable derivatives. These bags are dissolvable in warm water and recyclable, and can be eaten up by animals safely.

Renting Cows

This business idea has caught on in Switzerland. Farmers are starting to rent their cows to urban citizens and even to tourists. The farmers take care of the cows, while the current owners, who own the cows for a short time, pay a nominal amount for cheese that the cow produces.

The tourists can stay on the farms and get an amazing Alpine experience. This is seriously getting more and more popular. That is because farmers allow people to rent cows for something as little as a half and a quarter per cow.

The Parking Booking Service

Parking problems plague the majority of citizens nowadays. A statistic claims that most of the pollution and road traffic is created because people start searching for parking. So, if someone comes around to solve this problem, it will please a lot of people.

One of the companies that are catering to this niche market is Greece’s Parkgene. The parking booking service started as there are plenty of apps that are starting this worldwide. This idea is leading to making people renting their park spaces directly to people. This idea was started by Airbnb. which rents out rooms, apartments, or houses to each other.

These ideas certainly give a spin to a conventional idea and make it completely new and novel. Also, most businesses do not go off to a flying start right at the onset, it takes time, and when it does, there is certainly no looking back for the business owners.

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