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Here’s Why You Should Start Investing While You’re Still Young

Is investing only for people who are settled in life and have the extra money to invest in the stock market? Are the rich the only people entitled and capable enough to invest in index funds? There’s a lot of confusion revolving around what investing is and who should do it. To be fair, it can get overwhelming for the layman when they try to break the ice and enter the world of investing which is more than enough to drive anyone away. Some of the people who do invest try to beat the market as amateurs and end up losing a good chunk of the money that they’ve invested, mostly due to their impatience and blind desire to make a quick buck without having to properly earn it.

Investing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Yes, some people do manage to make huge amounts of money from it rather fast, but that doesn’t happen for everyone, and even the most experienced professionals might not be able to predict the market properly. People looking to store money for the short term are better off just putting their money in a savings bank account because the market can often end in losses at first. However, if you’re young, you can afford those losses because you’ve got a long time to see them become profits that will be much more than anything that a savings account could get you. It may be scary but you can do it if you really want to try it out. So why should you invest while you’re young? Read on!

You’ve Got A Lot of Time On Your Hands

If you’re about to hit retirement, investing might not do much for you. It’s still a good idea to put spare money in a mutual fund, but you won’t see your portfolio explode immediately. However, if you’re young, you’ll see your portfolio grow over the years, and with a lot of patience, you’ll have a good amount of money to add to your retirement fund (maybe even a million dollars!). The market goes up and down all the time, but if you stick to your investments, especially if they’re an index fund, expect your wealth grow considerably over the period of time.

You could actually learn to invest by yourself and stick to a pattern that suits you, or you could start investing in a mutual fund. Both ways will pay off massively in the long term, and as mentioned, the wealth you’ll have in 40 years will be far better than what a savings account could get you.

The best thing about investing throughout your life is that the lack of money for your retirement won’t suddenly hit you like a brick in your 40s. You’ll have a good portfolio that’ll keep on growing as your retirement fund, and by the time you’re 60 years of age, it’s acceptable to expect to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your possession. You’ll be able to relax knowing that your future is secure, and while it does make a difference where you choose to invest, the important thing is that you do invest as not doing so is something that you’ll regret later on.

Compounding Is Very Effective Over A Longer Period of Time

Even if you invest a small amount every month, your investments will eventually become huge due to the returns that you’ll be getting every year. That’s how money works over time. Even if you’re not interested in investing by yourself, you can just let the professionals take care of your money in a mutual fund. All you need to do is let them know what your risk tolerance is, and then you can forget all about it except when it’s time to give them a small portion of your savings every month.

Since you don’t really need the profits that you’re generating, you can keep reinvesting the money you make – doing so will slowly cause your money to increase multiple times over, and the longer you do this, the more your portfolio will increase.

There are almost no downsides to investing in a mutual fund, so the right time to start investing is today! There’s a chance that you might see some losses early on, but those will convert to profits before you know it. Stay committed and you’ll have the money to live a pretty luxurious life in the future as compared to people who aren’t thinking about investing at all.


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