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Here are Top Five CFOs Who are Changing the Way the Financial World Works!

While there is a huge pay gap between the CEO and CFO positions’ salaries, things are gradually changing. That’s because a CFO’s role in an organization and how they can drive the organization to success is gaining prominence.

Take a look at the top five most influential CFO’s are instrumental in bringing about the change. And with their efforts to grow their company and drive it to success, they are growing their wealth too. Here check out the influential CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) who are ruling the world.

Ruth Porat – Alphabet Inc.- $47.29 million

Ruth Porat has been one of the most 21st most powerful women globally, as rated in 2018 by Forbes. Besides that, she also found a mention in Fortune’s list of most powerful women. But, who is Ruth Porat? Well, she is an American business executive and the CFO of Alphabet Inc. Google’s subsidiary. Before Alphabet, she was the part of Morgan Stanley as CFO and executive vice president from 2010 January to 2015 May. She now holds the title of the highest-paid CFO across the world. She joined with a paycheck of  $70 million a year from Google.

Her efforts to reorganize various aspects of the company seem to be paying out well, too, as Google’s share prices seem to be increasing since she became a part of the organization. It is no wonder that the Institutional Investor gave her the title of The Best Internet CFO of the year 2018 as an integral part of the All America Executive Team. Besides finance, she also oversees operations like human resource function, business operations, real estate. She also oversees workplace services. Porat currently draws a salary of $650,000, add to that her stock awards, amounting to $46.61 million, and the total pay adds up to $29,357.

Luca Maestri – Apple Inc – $26.51 million

Luca Maestri is now the senior vice president and the CFO for Apple. He overlooks everything from financial planning and audits, analysis, real estate, accounting, business support, tax functions, to the treasury at Apple. As someone working with the company and it’s senior leadership since 2013, we are sure Luca has expertise over many areas of administration, finance, and management. Before joining Apple, he also served as a CFO at Xerox and Nokia Siemens Networks.

His career began in General Motors, where he spent time honing his craft and operating roles in several places. He was working in Europe, America, and the Asia Pacific. Luca was also a part of the team while establishing General Motors in the Asia Pacific region. He, as a CFO, handled various GM’s operations in Europe. This made him straddle forty-five countries. His salary amounts to $1.00 million.

David Wehner – Facebook Inc. $19.69 million

David M. Wehner is the CFO of Facebook. Before this, he worked with organizations like Monitor Group, Quist, and Hambrecht in the early phase of his career. He also had a ten-year stint at the Allen and Company for almost ten years, before working as a CFO at Zynga.

His initial designation at Facebook included the position of Business Planning and Vice president of Corporate Finance. However, in 2014 he went on to become their CFO. He now takes home a salary of $753,846, among other perks.

Robert Swan – Intel Corp – $16.71 million

The efficient American business executive is that’s Robert Swan for you. He has been with the Intel Corporation since January 2019 and has impressed all as a CFO. Robert Swan replaced Stacey Smith in October as CFO.

He has various illustrious mentions in his CV, such as CFO at eBay, TRW Inc., and Electronic Data Systems. He succeeded Brian Krzanich as a full-time CEO in January 2019. Swan pockets the salary of $898,000. He is also awarded several payouts and hefty bonuses.

David Morton – Anaplan Inc- $16.06 million

David H. Morton is currently the Executive Vice President and CFO at Anaplan. He’s an expert at what he does, and he has been at it for twenty years. He has played with aplomb in revenue consolidation, sales operation, pricing, manufacturing, and global leadership roles.

David has also worked as the Chief Accounting Officer at Tesla. Besides that, he was working with Seagate Technology for over 20 years. He now takes home a salary of $137,980 besides the other perks.

These are just the top five CFOs who are changing the way businesses work. And with that, they are also inspiring people to follow their dreams and aspirations to be successful. We are sure impressed with their caliber and the whopping salary they command! However, we also agree that they are well-deserving of every penny they make.

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