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Own A Startup? Here’s How You Can Give Back To The Society At The Time Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you a part of a startup that you believe has all the potential to get the most of finite resources? If that is the case, you can certainly go that extra mile to drive BIG changes for your organization and society overall. You have the technical know-how, you do have concerns about society, and you are all geared up to adapt to any kind of change rapidly.

The coronavirus has taken a toll on the startups as well, and several startup founders are having a tough time owing to the shutdown imposed in several countries and regions. They are having a tough time managing things and retain their staff. However, there are opportunities through which you can do your bit for the society with the funds that are on offer. If you are ready to take it all on your stride, here are some ideas for your startup.

You Can Offer Products And Services Free Of Cost

Yes, the COVID-19 crisis has been quite unexpected, and this might be the reason why the world economy is reeling under its effect. Everything, starting from the 3D printing valves, the learning courses, and even basic commodities and produces such as farm-fresh fruits to household items, is in high demand now. Many startups in the USA have come forward to meet this growing demand. From providing free services to those people who have been affected to making sure that the hospitals are well-equipped, startups have been actively involved and have been providing products and services for free or at discounted rates. They are also offering products that can help in this period of crisis. In case you are willing to provide all the essential commodities that can benefit the people during this pandemic or those who are staying indoors, this is indeed a good time when you can lend a helping hand.

You Can Connect With The Startup Community

Several startup communities have come up in the USA and worldwide over the past few years. This seems to be the perfect moment to make the ties stronger and join hands to chalk out some initiatives to deal with the crisis. In Estonia, the coronavirus pandemic is being tackled by the tech community through different activities. Portugal is another country where a nice collaboration among startups is taking place. As a startup owner, you can join hands with other startups and venture capitalists in your area not only to raise funds but to bring out innovative solutions for the greater good of the greater people.

You Can Bring Out Innovative Solutions To Deal With Coronavirus

In case you have some idea regarding how to come up with a tool that would play a key role in dealing COVID-19, now is the time when you can contemplate working on it. Several companies are utilizing the resources they have in helping the institutions. Governments, organizations, institutions, as well as the European Commission, have also arranged funding which will be of great assistance. Even a simple application on a mobile phone can inspire citizens all around the world to adapt to the changed situation more smartly and efficiently. One can never ignore the health-tech startups’ roles in this moment of mayhem.

Try To Offer Suggestions And Ideas On Remote Working

If you are a startup owner, you are already familiar with the concept of working from home. However, there are millions of people who, unlike you, didn’t have so much acquaintance with it. The situation that has been created now owing to the coronavirus pandemic has left managers with no other choice but to ask the employees to work online. Everyone has been completely unprepared regarding how to deal with the recent chaos and therefore, they are having a difficult time adjusting to remote working. To help them, you can include some tips in your blogs, webinars, or posts on LinkedIn. You can also suggest them to start communicating and get in touch.

This happens to be a moment when everyone has to get involved and build up a social impact. If such things are beyond your means, you can just offer suggestions and advice wherever and whenever you can. If you set a positive example, that will go a long way in encouraging people in such a critical situation.

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