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Six Reasons Why You Should Use Google for Your Business

google search engineIt is incredible to see the web adapt to the new advancements in technology. Even Google has also introduced many new products to its line up over the past year. One of its products and not usually utilized by business owners is  Currents, formerly known as Google+.

Google started a discussion among internet users, particularly those who are on the business side. SEO professionals were doing the most notable one since they saw it as a potential for Authorship and AuthorRank. Web enthusiasts also see Google+ as some social layer for the many different products of Google. Both businesses and regular internet users think to themselves if Google is a worthy shot.

Why should you use Google?

Just like everything else, you need a reason why you should utilize Google. The simple answer is that being on this platform will give you better trust among users and Google in particular. Other than that, here are some reasons why it’s is a must for business owners.


AuthorRank Google allows users the ability to link to your written content within the site. This process will let Google know about you, what you have published online, and will create a link between you and your activities. If you do everything correctly, then it’s a guarantee that your results will stand out among your competitors.

Everyone Uses Google Products

People who are using Google products are unimaginable. With that in mind, Google provides better opportunities wherein content and files can be easily shared with family and friends. If you are not yet on Google, then it would be best to join in as soon as possible. With all the integration of their products, it will become one of the best business social networking platforms in no time.

Google Local

Google LocalThis feature lets Google direct the traffic from Google Maps to the Google community. It will help people get a good map or direction to the place of that business. You can also host events on a Google local page and get recommendations from friends that are in your area.

This is an excellent way for businesses to reach out to potential customers in their locality. You can do this before expanding your business and making it big.

Google SEO Tools

Other than providing searchers adequate information about a business, Google SEO Tools has the capability of delivering good SEO. Despite its existence for years, most startup businesses (and even long-established ones) are relatively new. However, they still have a lot to learn about its full potential.

The SEO benefits that Google SEO Tools can provide are that it cant help your website rank in search results. If you optimize it the right way, your site will show up in the results for both your branded and non-branded keywords. And given that Google is the number one search engine platform. It would be a huge deal if you land on the top page of the results.


Google HangoutsThe free tools that the web provides are a luxury for many online businesses. People who are on Google will love the feature of Hangouts. That’s because it offers a free video call facility. You can get on a call with 9 additional people other than you.

During this collaboration, you can share your computer screen, to explain your services better. This is ideal for business partners or associates who live in different parts of the world. You can discuss and solve business problems from across the seas.

Google and the Online World

As a business owner, you must know how to engage with your audience in an effective manner.  If utilized properly, Google will drive more people to your business. Just like how Facebook and Twitter can help you widen your scope and reach more target potential, Google can let you widen your reach. But the big difference is unlike social media, Google aims to help entrepreneurs grow their business. Google does this by continuously creating tools that will help business owners spread the word about the products and services they have to offer.

Now that you know these advantages and benefits that Google, it’s time to expand and fully utilize the potential of all its products. With the being said, it’s no wonder why Google is such a big name in the World Wide Web.

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