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Four Simple Ideas to Boost Your Income

More often than not, most of us usually find ourselves with little to no cash to spare by the end of the month. We constantly check the calendar to see how many days we have left before we finally get our hands on our next monthly pay. Whether we need the money for a new pair of pants or, God forbid, a serious emergency, it’s always ideal to have extra cash, apart from your savings, of course. If you have time to spare and yearn for some extra income to help with your personal finances, there are numerous and easy ways to earn some moolah. Aside from your day job, here are some simple ideas to help you in the money department:

Offer Tutoring Services

Tutoring doesn’t always necessarily mean helping a student out with their homework or school lesson. It can also mean teaching a particular skill that you have to someone else who wants to learn it. If you think you excel at a particular subject like math, science, or history or fancy yourself an expert in playing the piano, singing, or quilting, then why not offer your services for an hourly rate? Depending on your free time and skill set, offering tutoring services is a great way to be productive during your free time, socialize with another person, and earn some cash.

Walk Your Neighbor’s Dogs

This is probably something you did as a kid to earn extra bucks during the summer, but who says you can’t do it now that you’re an adult? Walking dogs is one of the best ways to earn money on a weekly basis. If you are a dog person, you don’t even have to consider it as a side job! Just think of it as your dose of a much-needed exercise with a furry companion. For starters, you can charge $15 to $20 dollars for a 20-minute walk and add an extra $10 if you’ve been tasked to bring more than one dog.

Donate Blood Plasma

You’ve probably never thought about this, right? But yes, donating your blood plasma for money is apparently a thing nowadays! Not for people who get squeamish around needles or blood, this money-making idea is straightforward, but takes time and is a bit more painful than donating blood which is why private centers compensate donors with money. So are you eligible for this? Well, you must be between 18 to 69 years of age and must weigh 110 pounds and above. You can go through this procedure at least twice a week for private centers or once every 28 days for the American Red Cross. The amount you get paid varies, but for first-timers, you can expect at least $20 to $50 per donation (but the compensation may increase the more you donate!). If you want to try this out, you can check this out to find the nearest plasma donation center in your city.

Resell Thrift Store Items

Selling old, unused things is a common practice to bring in extra bucks a month, especially during the spring season as people go about rummaging through their house and picking items for their yard sale. But here’s a new idea: why not go to a thrift store like your local Goodwill or Savers, shop for cheap secondhand items like clothes, books, and shoes, and sell them online through eBay or Poshmark? Granted, you need to shell out some cash beforehand to purchase your products, but if you’re willing to go big and risk it, then this is a great idea to boost your income, more so if you enjoy thrifting.

Still not convinced? Well, a woman named Alexandra Marquez earns up to $5,000 a month selling thrifted accessories online! When she first started, she managed to rake in $500 a month, but in due time, she was able to build her selling profile, hone her photography skills, and increase her credibility as an online seller. So, what are you waiting for?

Not many people have the luxury of time to get a side job for extra income. But sometimes, desperation sets in because no one wants to find themselves buried in debt at the end of the month. There are still so many other things you can go for if you’re not that into the aforementioned money-making ideas in this article. Whatever side job you decide to pick, just remember that extra income is always a great idea for personal finance.

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