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Here Are Some Entrepreneurial Ideas to Start Your Business Journey in 2022

The New Year certainly motivates you to begin a new business journey. Don’t worry while you may be wondering what business ideas you should dabble in. We have got you covered. Regardless of whether you are new or old to the field, you can explore new ideas. And make it a good year that will make it fruitful and successful. Here’s how you can turn creative as far as business ideas are concerned and the top industries that are raking in all the moolah.


As per market research by NYU in 2020, the sustainability-marketed products have grown 7.1x faster than ever before. More people are investing time to think about their environmental actions. It is changing their shopping behavior to meet environmental needs. The recent GWI research has been an eye-opener of sorts. It shows as many as 52% of consumers want to buy recycled packaging products, 48% want more affordable eco-friendly products, and 44% want natural ingredients on the list.

The market is rife with fresh business conjectures. There is more scope of niche businesses that offer some major local green alternatives. A case in point, Nordic Harvest in Denmark grows fresh salad greens locally and only follows sustainable agricultural techniques. In Portugal, NGS makes textiles that follow the highest environmental standards, and designers ensure they make clothes from locally sourced fabrics. There is also demand for more eco-conscious services such as Sphere. This can provide an index 401(k)s divest from fossil fuels. You can open environmentally-friendly businesses and follow the less-trodden paths and explore fresher avenues for it.


The wellness market is thriving and currently in a well-established space. Now, it boasts of a market that is $1.5 trillion and growing. It brought a major change because the pandemic changed how people perceive fitness. Since people have lesser access to gyms, more and more people work from home. The home segment market might reach $14.8 billion by 2027. Products such as BodyGym are certainly making the most of it. Health and wellness apps cater to a huge market, and downloads will increase to 46% in 2020. People also enjoy many physical activities they have never explored before, such as climbing or martial arts.

More of these activities include High Point Climbing, and CKO Kickboxing has been enjoying incredible success in recent years. The PushPress software has been particularly helpful in running independent gyms and smaller enterprises. There have been apps such as Fyter that provide you with facilities such as augmented reality technology to help monitor your form and fitness progress. This way, you will be able to overcome the major drawback of home workouts with no one to monitor your movements. You can start something on similar lines and make fitness a lifestyle too. Also, you can think of unique features that can give your app a definite twist.

Digital Events and Conferences

The days of Zoom meetings and other online events will not end anytime soon, and some technical snags are making things difficult for its users. Thanks to many apps, these technological problems may soon be a thing of the past. Virtual event hosting is a fast-growing industry and is becoming increasingly popular even after some of the in-persons have been restored. Not only companies that are finding their various virtues but also the various schools that find the hybrid model particularly lucrative.

Companies have discovered the many benefits of moving events to a fully virtual or hybrid model that makes people participate in these events. They would not have otherwise got access to them. Unique and enterprising such as video-chat startup Twine noted that event planners are experiencing a huge turnout in virtual events. In some cases, the sign-ups are higher than the in-person events.

Home Improvement

Millions of Americans are either purchasing homes or bringing about different home renovations. They are busy shopping for various things on the interior decoration markets. People were also looking to refurbish old walls and improve their interiors a little.

Services are tapping onto this lucrative market and providing everything right, from renovations and DIY projects to interior redecorating and coming up with innovative ideas to add to this business venture. Home improvement sales have improved, and they will only increase in the years to come.

Did you find any business ideas that can hook you and begin a whole new business journey? Let us know in the comments section below.

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