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Commissioner McGuinness Talks About Technology, Business, Finance & More In Her Speech

Mairead McGuinness is an Irish politician who serves as the European commissioner for political stability. She has been serving since December 2020, and during her time in office, the commissioner has been proactive about various things regarding international political stability. However, the commissioner’s key concern has been technological advancement in Europe and worldwide.

To put things into perspective, McGuinness has been appearing in public talks, and during these public speeches, the commissioner has been outlining numerous things. These range from international politics and political stability to financial independence and technological advancement.

Table Talks / Holding the office in December 2022, Mairead McGuinness has been proactive about international political stability and technological advancement in the world.

On November 3rd, 2022, Commissioner McGuinness sat with many correspondents and audiences. As always, the central objective of her speech was to shed detailed light on the current challenges the world faces right now.

“As we have got just out of the pandemic, there are certain challenges that we are facing in 2022,” the commissioner said. Kicking off her speech, McGuinness made it pristinely clear that her audiences were not only Europeans, and instead, she was addressing the challenges that are faced throughout the world.

CNN / In her speech, Commissioner McGuinness hints at the deadly nature of the pandemic and the looming recession.

Here is the bottom line of her speech:

  • The COVID-19 Pandemic was Challenging for Everyone in the World

Let’s be honest; we all have been equally disturbed by the deadly pandemic, he said. No matter where you are in the world, you can not deny this fact. And all Europeans need to acknowledge that. So do we – the European Union and other governing bodies.

Cotton Bro / Pexels / Apart from the deadly nature of the pandemic, covid taught us that we need to join hands every single time, says Commissioner McGuinness.

However, what she said is something remarkable: All of us are interdependent, she said. Unless we do not open our hearts and minds to help others, we can not thrive.

  • Technological Advancement is an Inevitable Need of the Day

The commissioner said that technological advancement is inevitable as we live in the post-covid world. More than ever before, we are in dire need of advanced technology. Furthermore, McGuinness hinted that leading tech giants are doing a “great job” when it comes to technological advancement.

But a collective effort is essential, she reiterated. Again, the commissioner said that if we join hands and put in a collective effort, we will innovate something remarkable.

  • Be Aware of the Looming Recession

Lastly, McGuinness talked about the looming recession. This thing is real, she said. Most people do not even acknowledge this as an issue. But let’s be clear once and for all: The commissioner said we are headed toward a financial recession.

Thus, the commissioner emphasized that “mass financial awareness” is the need of the day. In other words, we all need to understand that we are headed toward yet another financial crisis after the pandemic.

Based on that, we can come up with the required solutions. But, as commissioner McGuiness reiterated, understanding it as a problem is the foremost thing.

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