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The Young And The Rich: How Do They Spend Their Money?

Everyone wants to have a loaded bank account, right? Even millionaires aspire for more. But is it only because they want a more lavish lifestyle or be able to buy luxurious stuff without looking at the price tag? Not really! It is the yearning for more power and the sense of achievement that comes from achieving your goals. Some of the youngest billionaires and millionaires, however, inherited their first hundred thousand (or millions if they’re lucky) from their parents. Hence, they live the life many of us could only dream about. Where do they go on vacation? What do they eat? Wouldn’t you love to know? Here are all the deets to feed your curiosity!

Kylie Jenner — $900 Million

Having already surpassed Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner is racing her way to becoming the youngest billionaire at the age of only 20. The beautiful model, who has been in the eye of the media since she was a teenager, is now a mother, too. It seems like everything in life is happening too fast for her. But we are sure with Momager, Kris Jenner by her side, it won’t be too hard for her. So what did she do to get so rich and how does she spend her money?

Many would see that her amazing physique is behind her popularity and her entrepreneurship. While that is true to some extent, Kylie has also used her own creative ideas in her business. Kylie Cosmetics became a huge craze ever since it was launched. In just three years, it went from 0 to an $800-million-dollar company. Of course, there were other endorsements, TV programs, and more which has helped her amass wealth. In terms of expenses, she spends her money on buying high-end jewelry pieces from Bvlgari, Cartier (she is fond of the bangles from this brand, we hear), and Rolex. And with the money she has, it’s only natural that her garage is star-studded with multiple Ferraris, Maybachs, and Rolls Royce in her collection.

John Collison — $1 Billion

Here is another self-made millionaire whose story is quite similar to that of Mark Zuckerberg. Instead of a social media site, he was the brain behind a payment platform called Stripe in 2010. At that time, he was 19 and studying in Harvard. Over the course of time, he dropped out, and along with his brother, they concentrated on the online payment platform. In 2016, the company was evaluated at $9 billion, making Collison a billionaire. Nowadays, he spends his time fulfilling his bucket list. Recently, he completed flying a plane over the Atlantic for 27 hours at a stretch! He is also a sports enthusiast and goes for marathons, hiking, and trekking. Sometimes, he even gets all his staff from Stripe to accompany him. Such a cool boss, right?

Evan Spiegel — $3.8 Billion

The richest billionaire on this list is the CEO and founder of Snap or Snapchat – Evan Spiegel. Despite his billionaire status, Spiegel has been able to keep his personal life under wraps. Sure he’s the creator of Snapchat, but surprisingly, his not too active on social media. Married to model Miranda Kerr, they both seem to be living a lovely life together, and we get to see a glimpse of him on her account from time to time. But that’s it! However, it has been found that he spends about $890,399 on his personal security. He also bought a $12 million house owned by Harrison Ford previously and a Ferrari.

Gustav Magnar Witzoe — $3.1 Billion

47% owner of Salmar, a salmon fish farming company, Gustav Magnar Witzoe is a billionaire at the age of 23, all thanks to his dad, Gustav Witzoe, who transferred the share to his name. Like any other 23-year-old, Gus loves being stylish, and he is often spotted on the front row of fashion shows. He has a good collection of shoes, too. Quite obviously, his life is full of perks and luxuries – traveling, adventure activities, cigars. And when he is not exploring another country, he loves to play golf and shower all his love on his pooch – a blue Staffordshire bull terrier.

Alexandra And Katherina Andresen — $1.4 Billion Each

The Andresen sisters inherited their wealth from their father, Johan Andresen, who owns their century-old private investment company. The billionaire sisters have been in the news ever since. Alexandra spends her time traveling around the world, riding horses, and being part of the dressage team of Norway. Adventure activities are totally her thing, too. While she and her sister share five pups between them, Katherina loves shopping. She spends her money on Louis Vuitton bags and Christian Louboutin pumps! Only high-end brands for a high-end personality!

Sounds like they are having quite a good life, right? Well, that doesn’t make yours any less though. But yes, aspiring to be as rich as they are might help you reach your goals.

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