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Western Union Has Initiated Digital Banking In Romania

There are a lot of things that have become easier because of the digital revolution. From grocery shopping to attending college, everything has changed drastically. Digitalization has not only saved people lots of time but has provided them with 24/7 access to any space they want to be in. One of the benefits of digitalization is digital banking, which allows people to access their bank accounts through the internet. You can check your balance, transfer money, and make payments – from utilities to purchases.

Alexandros/Pexels | Lately, digital banking has been on the rise, and ATMs are losing their charm.

This is all due to the accessibility that they provide, and now Romanians are finally getting access to Western Union’s digital banking as the popular money wire service has launched its digital banking in the European state.

Welcoming Romania

With Western Union digital banking, the citizens of Romania will have access to internal funds transfer and digital banking through their app. So, if you are currently living in Romania and plan to send money instantly, you can turn to Western Union, or if you are someone with a Western Union account and instantly send money to a person in Romania through the digital banking app. The receiver has the benefit of instantly withdrawing the money they receive through an ATM using the debit card that they get once they start a Western Union Digital bank account.

Pixabay/Pexels | Instant, simple, and easy; this is banking with Western Union.

Benefits for Western Union Customers

The app provides a free visa premium debit card coupled with a free current account and a free savings account. In the savings account type, clients get around 4% of interest alongside multiple Cashback offers and great discounts from the Western Union shop. The process gets even more inviting knowing that signing up and creating a Western Union account is a simple process that can be done through the app and once they are approved, the clients can put in an order for their Visa Platinum card right away. 

This advancement comes at a great time since many Romanians are leaving to work abroad, which has increased the need for people to send money and receive money back home. With Western Union digital banking, their money problems have found a solution, and Western Union has tapped into a great and full potential market.

Energepiccom/Pexels | Romanians are finally going to enjoy all the Western Union benefits

The Big Name

Western Union is no ordinary name in the banking industry; it is considered to be a technological pioneer which had laid down the foundation in the mid-19th century with the first-ever transcontinental telegraph line. It provides money transfer services across the globe, and throughout its digital platforms, it is reported that for every second, 24 transactions are made and carried out. Western Union has allowed people to walk around cashless and holding their wallets on their phones.

This is great news for the people of Romania, and it opens doors to new opportunities for the citizens.

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