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Three Things You Need In Order To Start Saving Money Now

Organizing our finances can be a huge task. Sometimes, even if you are doing the right things, you fail to track where your money is going because your finances are topsy-turvy. Hence, the first step toward saving has to be organizing. Thankfully, there are tons of products and advice available now that makes our lives a lot easier. Keeping track of your expenses can be a daunting task, but with the following suggestions, things will get easier:

A Budget Planner With Pockets

We all have some kind of a budget planner where we write down our day to day expenses. Some people prefer keeping their receipts to help them remember their expenses for the day or week. But imagine the drawers overflowing with old receipts! But more importantly, what if you need to find a specific receipt? It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Well, we are ending all your woes now. You can now buy a budget planner that comes with 12 monthly pockets. You can easily store your receipts in these pockets, keep junk out of the drawers, and find them easily when you need them. Buy it here from Amazon.

Color-Coded Envelopes For Each Category

When we pay all our bills using our credit or debit cards, then it is hard to stop spending. But if you pay via cash, then you can keep things under your budget. Dave Ramsey, who is the author behind the best-seller Total Money Makeover, wants us to start the cash envelope system. Here you will have a color-coded envelope for each of the expenses. For example, groceries can be a green envelope, eating out can be the red envelope, and so on. You need to have a monthly budget for all your expenses, and you can put the cash in these envelopes. When the envelope becomes empty, it means you have exhausted all your money for that particular field which will stop you from overspending. You can get it here from Amazon.

A Weekly Meal Plan Pad

Now, how innovative is that! We all know how much we end up spending whenever we eat out. Over $2 for coffee from Starbucks every day, the $8 lunch, and finally, dinner and drinks with friends for $20. Imagine spending that much money almost every day or every other day? It can burn a big hole in your pocket. Cooking and eating at home can help you keep both your weight and bank balance in check. So, if you are wise, you should start cooking. To solve your problem of what to cook every day, the meal plan pad can help. This nifty pad has slots for each day of the week. You can also list the groceries that you need to buy to cook that particular dish. This also helps you avoid buying useless stuff while on a trip to the local grocery store. Buy it here.

We hope that these products will help you save more and spend less just like they have helped numerous others!

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