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The Sweetest Bank Account Bonuses You Can Grab In 2021

When you are on the lookout for a savings or a checking account, the bank bonuses that are available alongside are always lucrative. The reason behind offering such bonuses is that the banks want new customers to do business with them. This is a kind of token gesture.

It might surprise you to know that some banks offer hundreds of dollars to customers who are opening an account with them for the first time. However, you need to be a bit cautious and go through the fine print in detail since there might be some requirements that you need to fulfill. Missing out on them might mean that you will lose your bonus. But, leaving those aside, you have some of the sweetest bank account bonuses in 2021 up for grabs.

Associated Bank

In terms of banks that give you attractive bonuses, Associated Bank is the best one overall, especially for those individuals who can make a direct deposit for their Social Security benefits, pension, and paychecks. There are a few downsides. Direct deposit is a must if you want to grab bonuses.

You won’t get paper checks with your free checking account. You will get a debit card only on the top checking account. As well as your other accounts are concerned, you will have to stay satisfied with lower interest rates. There are several upsides as well. $200, $300, or $500, whatever bonus you receive, represents a return on your money.

The requirement for a direct deposit is minimal. You have to maintain a balance to earn a bonus. This is a requirement. The positive thing is that you will have to meet this requirement for one month only. You have the option of free checking and are eligible for two more account choices. Associated Bank offers you three types of checking accounts. One is completely devoid of any charges, while the other two come along with a maintenance fee per month. That’s waivable.


Suppose you are not able or you simply don’t want to set up the required direct deposit but have enough cash to avail of a new account. What do you do? Go for Citibank. It offers the best bank bonus, and you won’t even have the headache of a direct deposit. Citibank is famous for offering the highest bonus among all the banks. According to the reports, the top offer is a bonus of $700.

You need to deposit a substantial sum of money in your savings or checking account and keep it there for, two months, and Citibank will offer you an attractive bonus. Among the cons, you will have to deposit a minimum of $15,000.The two-month time is also a downside. You will have to pay a fee every month to maintain your account. But you can wave it off if you maintain a high balance.


HSBC is the best option for a high-earning individual. Here, you will be eligible based on only a direct deposit. If you are unable to meet the requirement, you might have to pay an exorbitant fee. However, you don’t need to maintain a minimum balance. The rates of interest on savings account and cash deposits are quite low.

But, the bank offers you $200 and $450 as bonus amounts. After you fulfill the bonus requirements, you might have to wait for two months or so before getting your cash award. When you use ATMs that lie out of the network, you can get endless refunds. Now, that’s a plus point.


If you have a modest balance in your account, you can breathe easily with Chase. The fund that you need to hold is minimal, and the bonus on a checking account is pretty easy to earn. You will have to pay $12 to maintain your account, but you can have it waived off if you maintain a minimum amount of $1500 daily. But, a direct deposit has a major role to play here.

To earn the bonus, you need not maintain the minimum balance. You lay your hands on the bonus within 15 days. However, Chase is not available all over the United States, and that’s an issue. You can choose whichever bank suits you best. Find out the terms and conditions stated and move accordingly.

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