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Who Is The Richest Hadid In 2021?

Much like the Kardashians, the Hadids are equally popular among their fans and critics alike. One of the most-talked-about celeb families, known to all and sundry – the Hadids came to prominence in about 2012. This was when the matriarch Yolanda Hadid secured a firm place in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that even now, she’s worth more than her chic and fashionable offspring! The former Dutch model passed over her genes to her daughters – Gigi and Bella – and her son – Anwar. Now they are famous and live extravagant lives in their own right. But the story of the Hadids and their wealth reserves is more than what meets the eye. Keep reading about their financial success stories here.

Yolanda Hadid (57) – USD 45 Million

The beginnings were humble. She was fed and bred in The Netherlands, in a small farmers’ town. And if you see her success path – it’s a long way. Her modeling days fetched her enough and she performed as an international model in some of the most famous places around the world – Milan, Sydney, Paris, Hamburg, Tokyo, New York, and finally Los Angeles in 1994, when she married Mohammed Hadid (they parted ways long back). She enjoyed a diverse career – something that peaked from 2012 and continued till 2016 when she acted in the famous series. Apart from her career, she was also married to two wealthy men. Hence, it should be no surprise that she has a fortune of close to US $45 million.

Gigi Hadid (26) – USD 29 Million

From being a tomboy teen at RHOBH to being one of the most iconic supermodels at present – Gigi’s career started even before she took to full-time modeling in 2013. Since then, she has been a star to reckon with, especially after her appearances on almost 35 Vogue magazine covers! Currently, she’s one of the highest-paid models around the globe which increases her net value by US $10 million every year! Don’t be surprised, for she works with some of the biggest brands – like Versace, Maybelline, and Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. On the personal front too, she’s happily settled with Zayn Malik (of One Direction fame) and they have a daughter.

Bella Hadid (24) – USD 25 Million

We thought Gigi was the ‘it’ supermodel, but of course, her sibling, Bella joined her on the runway. Bella came on board in 2014, when she signed in with IMG Models, within a year of sisters Gigi’s joining. We bet she understood what modeling fetched her mom, and eventually her sister’s bank accounts – so she decided to make a quick move. Within the year 2018, Bella made close to the US $8.5 million that made her the 8th highest-paid model all over the world. Now there’s fierce competition between No. 7 and No. 8 contenders – it’s because the former is Gigi!

Mohamed Hadid (72) – USD 5 Million

Mohammed is a parent to 5 kids and was married earlier (not once, but twice!). Initially, he married Mary Butler, and finally to Yolanda from 1994- 2000. Hadid had some tough times post 2015 when he refused to comply with stop-work orders and posed a threat to properties around. Frankly speaking, Hadid was a multimillionaire. But in the current times, he had declared he’s broke in 2020 and suffered a loss of about $60 million concerning his own money, the famous mansion, and also few other loans.

Anwar Hadid (22) – USD 4 Million

The youngest of the Hadids, Anwar is a proficient model, who (needless to say) followed the footsteps of his super successful sisters – Bella and Gigi. Besides this, he also did wonders in music and released an album titled Bleach. No wonder, it was quite easy for him to portray a cool $4 million! He looks handsome and has often been linked to renowned names like – Kendall Jenner and Nicola Peltz. But this stands confirmed – he’s currently dating a superstar from the world of pop – Dua Lipa.

While there are many others from this family, these are the richest ones as per the latest records. Given the immense popularity they have, the next thing that should come out is a film or a series on them! Those who are a big fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians perfectly know what we are talking about.

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