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Rich Celebs Boasting of Big Bank Accounts Who Lead a Surprisingly Simple and Fuss-free Life!

Whenever you think of celebrities and business tycoons, what do you think?  Well, their lavish lifestyles, stately homes, private jets, and yachts flash into your minds.  There are a few celebs who spent so much on luxuries that they ended up getting bankrupt. And others invested their earnings in making more wealth.

Some celebrities have been wealthy people, understand the importance of money, and lead a pretty simple life. These are some of the few celebs who believe in living life the frugal way.

 Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is certainly one of the most popular musicians globally, yet The Shape of You singer believes in giving himself an allowance. He recently told a newspaper that you should never want to be wasteful. He still uses his Barclays student account, which he has not upgraded to date because he does not want to spend much money.

If he has all his money in one account, he will spend all of it, and hence an allowance stops him from doing just that. He spends $1,000, mostly on taxis. We don’t know whether it has changed yet, since he got married and had become a father.

Leonardo Di Caprio

We bet everyone loves Leonardo Di Caprio, and well, although he owns a small island off the coast of Belize, you need to take a look at his garage to get an idea of how humble his life is.  His garage has only one car, and that too an environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius. Di Caprio is also one of the very few A-listers celebrities who has still not fallen for the lure of owning a private jet yet. Although he has notched up $260 million, he is still pretty frugal when it comes to his spendings. Instead, he believes in using that money to help other people, children, and the environment.

 Kristen Bell

The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Kristen Bell is another huge star who also believes in using her coupons. She candidly revealed a few years back that she loves shopping with her coupons. One of her favorites turns out to be the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.

She likes it as she gets 20 percent off it, and if you go ahead and buy a duvet or air conditioner, you end up saving close to $80. Now that’s what you can call saving. Earning is important, but what is also important is saving that money.

 Warren Buffett

One of the biggest and wealthiest investors the world has ever known, Warren Buffett, has amassed a wealth of $90 billion, as per Forbes. But he does not like to flaunt his wealth. Instead, he’d rather like to live in a modest house that comprises just 001% of his total wealth. He didn’t consider buying any new home from the one he purchased way back in 1958, and he just paid $31,500 and never considered moving from his beloved house.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence is not famous for her excellent acting skills but her girl next door personality. Yet, she hardly likes to invest in jaw-dropping luxuries as befitting a star of her status. She has last heard, neither has an assistant nor a bodyguard and likes to do all her shopping.

She does all her shopping, and she hardly wants to part with her four dollars for valet parking. And she still lives in the first apartment that she initially rented, and it can be called modest as per her standards. She is also a firm believer in coupons, just like Kristen Bell.

You can certainly take money lessons from these celebrities. Despite making a fortune, they believe in saving and securing their future financially. And that’s something we all need to do, to ensure we have a peaceful life. In short, we should all aim to earn a high income and then save most of it.

Well, you can even become a millionaire if you follow this route—a college graduate, Grant Sabatier, who became a millionaire by 30. Take a leaf out from the books of these celebs and learn the art of saving and yes, get those coupons, as Kristen Bell and Jennifer Lawrence will tell you. We think, there shouldn’t be much trouble following this one. Don’t you agree with us?

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