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Planning on Investing? Here’s How You Can Make Money From a Crashing Market

Well, the past few weeks haven’t been the nicest we’ve seen. Every aspect of people’s life right from health to finance is out for a toss. While staying indoors and maintaining social distancing is a way to make sure you do not fall sick and protect your health, there’s something you can do about the finances too.

The stock markets are crashing like never before, and people are clueless about what they could do. Well, if you are one of them too, here’s a complete guide on how you can make money when the stock market is crashing.

Buy stocks

Yes, that’s right. You should buy more when the market is crashing. While you might not see instant returns, the market is not going to stay the same, and your investments will yield results soon. So, buy stocks in businesses that you know will bounce back soon and let the investment do its job.

This is the best time to buy stocks because of all the stocks you were planning on buying is cheaper than ever before. So, for the same amount of money, you will be getting more stocks.

Be optimistic

It is sure easier said than done. More so with people everywhere claiming that the market crash this time is different from all the instances in the past and this time the market will not recover. However, remember, it is essential to be optimistic. While the crash this time is because of the COVID-19 crisis from which we are not sure when the world will recover.

We all know for sure that things will eventually fall into place. And one way to be financially ready for the day that happens is by being optimistic. If you want to get your investment game right, always act greedy when you see others being skeptical and fearful.

Dividends are the way to go

Investing in dividends is a sure way of making money from a crashing market. Over the years, results show that reinvesting in dividends is an excellent instrument in making a fortune.

What to avoid:

Sellings your stocks – This seems like the most obvious way to go. However, it’s not, if you take your long-term finances and savings into account. The secret to successful stock market trading is to buy low and sell high. When you sell at a low price, you’re making a bad deal for yourself and your money.

Investing it all in one place – After a little research, you might find a few businesses or stocks you want to invest in, and it might seem like a safe game to play. However, putting all your eggs in the same basket never helps. Have multiple types of investments, a part of your savings as liquid assets, and a little in short-term plans. This will give you ample time to let the market recover and yield you the rewards for sensible investments.

Do not panic – When you panic and let the stress get to you, you’re more likely to make the wrong decision. If you have a lot of investments in stocks, do not panic. While it might seem to be the most logical reason to give up on things, remember that this is not the end of the world, and you have a long way to go. Stay optimistic, focus on how to set things right, and rationally invest your other savings.


In conclusion, buy more stocks, but use the money that you will not need for the next couple of years. Make sure you do your research and invest in multiple stocks and bonds and not just one kind of stock. While it might seem like the right thing to do, resist the temptation to sell off your shares for some quick money. Never invest in your emergency funds. Have a couple of short-term investments in place. A market crash is financially and mentally draining. However, if you invest in keeping in mind your risk tolerance levels, you are sure to make the most out of this market crash or any that might occur in the future. Do talk to your financial advisor and study the market carefully before investing and study to understand and predict the market better.

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