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The Philosophy Behind Being Wealthy Without a Big Bank Balance

Yes, believe it or not, we are about to share with you the one-way ticket to obtaining wealth. Everyone wants to be wealthy, right? Or at least, most people do. There are many ways people try to reach their dream of becoming wealthy — sometimes by starting businesses or by taking chances and playing the lottery. We are here to tell you that the only way to guarantee that you become wealthy is to redefine your definition of wealth.

Wealth Is More Than Material Possessions

Wealth is more than the things you have. Think about this carefully. Take a look at that high-earning employee that you know. The one with the flashy car and the huge home with every amenity you could think of. Now consider what would happen to that employee if they would suddenly lose all their income. Their entire lifestyle depends on their salary because as the money comes in, it is being spent and used-up on a whole set of material items that build this picture of wealth. This is not true wealth, not unless this person has enough money to continue living financially free if their income disappeared for whatever reason.

Wealth Is More Than Just Currency

Now take a look at money. Wealth is more than a thick bundle of bills. Ask the people who have so much money that they don’t know what to do with it but are sickly. To these people, you may seem more wealthy than they are because they have the money to travel the world but not the health to make it a reality. You may not have the money yet but that dream is a possibility which is more than what it is for the other person. Health is an element of wealth, and there is no happiness without good health.

So, What Is Wealth?

So, if wealth isn’t about how much money you have and if it isn’t about how much stuff you own, then what is wealth? The key to being wealthy is redefining your definition of wealth and recognizing that wealth is about your capacity to do something you wish to do. If you have the power and the means to do what you wish to do, you are wealthy.

How Can You Define Wealth?

Take some time to reflect on the things you want to do in your life. Ask yourself what you wish to accomplish. If you begin making the changes in your life today and right now to help you come a little closer to achieving those things, you are that much closer to being wealthy. Not everyone wants to travel the world. Not everyone wants to have a mansion. Not everyone wants to even own a home or a car. Finding out what you want out of life is the very first step. Creating a plan to get those things is next. Sticking to this plan is what will guarantee you that you will be wealthy and fulfill your dreams. Of course, you need to make sure that the dreams you set are goals that you actually want to do and not just what you’ve adopted from everything around you!

When you approach the concept of wealth in this manner, you will find that the simplest of people are wealthy. The little old lady who just wants to enjoy her cup of coffee on her porch with a comforting novel is perhaps wealthier than the billionaire who has no time for his family. Wealth essentially boils down to what you define it as. It is easy to adopt the same definition of wealth as what is depicted on TV, magazines, and general exposure to society, but nothing is stopping you from changing your idea of wealth and nothing is stopping you from being wealthy except yourself.

Of course, wealth is essentially a melting pot of health, money, time, relationship, and more, but it is up to you to decide exactly what your recipe for wealth is. All you need are the ingredients and before you know it, you will be cooking up a storm of wealth! A change in mindset and a fresh perspective is all it takes. The next time you feel like you wish you had more money in your life, remind yourself that money is not the only thing that makes wealth, and you can still be wealthy with the cash flow that you have at this very moment.

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