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One-Hit Wonders: These Ten Underrated Stars Made Enough Money To Retire Comfortably!

It is the dream of many to strike luck just once and earn millions of dollars in the bank – or even enough for permanent financial freedom. However, for some, this has come true! Here, we are neither looking at those who won the lottery nor the ones who went viral for silly videos – we are taking a look at some of history’s greatest one-hit wonders! These guys made enough money with just one hit single that left them financially independent and free from the daily grind! Of course, they made a little money from their other works, but the bulk of their fortune was from that one stroke of luck – or talent.

Taylor Hicks — $3.3 Million

Hicks managed to bag the fifth season of American Idol. As a winner of the show, he landed some good deals and managed to accumulate a healthy sum of money that will keep him going if he is smart with it. He even received $750K to write a memoir!

Bobby McFerrin — $4 Million

When he was in his 30s, McFerrin churned out the hit song titled Don’t Worry Be Happy, and the single topped the charts in 1988. His very first recording made its way around about six years earlier, and this one hit earned him three of his ten Grammy Awards! When George Bush Senior used the song for his campaign, McFerrin stopped playing it live.

Sir Mix-A-Lot — $6 Million

This is a man who already has his foot deep in the world of hip hop before he was propelled to fame with Baby Got Back. He was catapulted to the tops of the charts back in 1992. Interestingly this hit song was initially actually banned by MTV!

Sinead O’Connor — $6 Million

She is an established singer, yes, but the fortune she earned with her Billboard hit single, Nothing Compares 2 U, was enough to set her free for life! She became an icon of the 2000s and was almost as famous for her shaved head as she was for her unique voice! Sinead has poked her fingers in a lot of business and has raised some interesting controversial topics in her time! Of course, time will tell whether there’s more to come.

Vicki Lawrence — $8 Million

This is a star of the 70s who managed to make this list because of her Billboard hit by the name of The Night Lights Went Out in Georgia. She could have lived on the money she made from this hit alone, but she went on to earn an incredible fortune through her acting and particularly with her role in The Carol Burnett Show.

Everlast – $15 Million

Everlast cranked out a hit titled Jump Around which reached the third place on the Billboard charts. It was so famous that almost every night club was blasting this song. The band went on to release 4 albums afterward. It was after Everlast suffered through a huge cardiac arrest when the album with the hit single was released — right after he had an artificial valve implanted. He has just two platinum albums to his credit.

Beck Hansen — $16 Million

At one point in time, this star’s songs could be heard everywhere – so he is more of a once-upon-a-time wonder! However, he makes this list as he had only one hit reach the Billboard charts which was Loser, ranking number 10 back in 1994.

Linda Perry — $18 Million

Perry was a one-hit-wonder in the 90s, but she didn’t throw in the towel and go home with her earnings – she remained active in the industry and became an A-list songwriter and producer. She is a busy body involved in charity work as well as the music industry left, right, and center!

Billy Ray Cyrus – $20 Million

While he may be better known for being Miley Cyrus’ dad today, Billy Ray Cyrus once had a name of his own! He is best remembered for Achy Breaky Heart which ranked number 4 in the Billboard chart of 1992. It wasn’t his only hit to reach the Billboard charts, but he never made it to the top 20 with his other five listed songs.

Psy — $25 Million

Meet the man behind not just Gangnam Style but Gentleman as well. It was the latter that puts him on this list. His video was watched by over a billion people on YouTube. Of course, it does take more than one song to break the bank, but Psy is set for life if he looks after his small fortune well!

Sometimes, it’s the talent behind the song that makes it grow bigger than expected – but sometimes it truly is a stroke of luck! Either way, all the musicians on this list and several others who have had the fortune of landing a mega-popular song can kick up their feet and simply relax! Of course, once you hit it big once, it is very tempting to try again – because the only thing better than a hit is another hit – and so it goes on!

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