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Meet These Rich Bloggers Who Are Making Blogging to be More Than Just a Passtime!

More often than not, blogging may seem like a fun activity for people to indulge in their free time. Blogging is where people share their feelings, passions, life goals, and more. Suddenly, when a blog becomes popular, the readers start expecting something more than just information. They expect quality content. Once the blog starts getting popular, bloggers can earn a certain amount of money from their blogs. Successful bloggers can today make millions, and that’s great because most people began blogging as a free time activity.

Although blogging may sound easy, it isn’t easy by any standards; it requires hard work and dedication. Blogging brings about a certain transformation in the lifestyle of the blogger. More and more bloggers are choosing blogging as their primary choice of career. They start writing on several topics. When the blog’s quality starts improving, people start earning more from the blog.

Overall, blogging is a career that can help a person get rich with the right amount of dedication and luck. A blog is bound to generate a lot of money annually with the help of advertisements, sales, promotions, and more. One certainly takes note that it is not for bored people looking to pass their time. A blogger needs to understand what the reader wants and deliver the goods accordingly. Check out some insanely successful bloggers today who earn millions and give blogging the importance it deserves.

Melyssa Griffin

Melissa Griffin started blogging in 2013. Her blogs started covering entrepreneurship, making money, and business strategies. Her blogs are so popular that it fetches her an enormous amount of money each month. Later, Griffin began a new venture, such as Limitless Entrepreneur, enabling people to make their podcasts. She is so successful that her website ‘’ generates at least $25 million per year.

Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus was the brains behind the website This website aids readers in helping them achieve a healthy work-life balance while they raise children. Further, her blogs are motivational and can help people write and earn money simply and securely. ‘’ can generate $25 million annually.

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni owns the popular website, ‘,’ which handles fashion products. She started blogging way back in 2009, inspiring several women worldwide. Ferragni started blogging, describing her mother’s life experience, money, and home life. After an increase in following, she switched to fashion and lifestyle and immediately amped up her earnings to $35 million annually.

Rand Fishkin is the brainchild of Rand Fishkin. His website encourages content marketing and builds tools that make SEO, inbound marketing, and link building. No wonder it is one of the most popular websites backed by SEO experts worldwide. generates a staggering $25 million per year.

Brian Clark

Clark is the founder of The British playwright and television writer earns $32 million annually from his blogs. He uses his life experiences as an entrepreneur, writer, and traveler to pen down influential blogs.

Gina Trapani

The name Lifehacker may bamboozle you at the beginning. However, this popular blog’s theme is to find your life hacks and help you make small shortcuts or improve your productivity every day. Apart from improving your life, the site also provides various gadgets and software to improve your lifestyle. And life’s a lot easier for Gina Trapani right now, as the CEO and founder of this amazing blog, and why not? She earns $110,000 per month from Lifehacker.

Arianna Huffington

The Huffington Post is not just a blog. It is one of the most reputable news sources and is certainly one of the most popular sites in the world in just a couple of years. Founded by Arianna Huffington back in 2005, the blog’s monthly income is around $2.3 million now. That’s why Arianna Huffington is one of the world’s richest bloggers right now.

When it comes to utilizing your skills and earning money from them, blogging is certainly the way to go. Also, it should be research-backed, yet you need to provide fun connotations to it, so your readers get hooked to your blogs and keep coming back for more. Have you ever tried blogging? If yes, these are certainly some of the people who can provide you with the right dose of inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and explore the world of blogging, you might find yourself on this list someday too!

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