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Meet Five of the World’s Wealthiest Women

While men do get plenty of attention when it comes to discussing riches, let us not forget that there are some wealthy women walking the planet! Here we list five of the world’s richest females and you get to see just how much their net worth stands at! Brace yourself for some hefty figures ladies and gentlemen….

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers: $54.7 Billion

She’s the richest lady walking the planet at the moment, and she comes in the thirteenth position when it comes to Forbes’ World Billionaires list. Bettencourt Meyers is an heiress and is the granddaughter of Eugéne Schueller – a name that should sound familiar as she is the founder of L’Oreal. Francoise inherited the entire beauty empire in 2017 on the passing of Liliane Bettencourt, her mother. She is also the chairwoman of Tethys SAS, the family’s holding company which owns 33% of the empire’s stock. Francoise is a philanthropist at heart and funds various research foundations and humanitarian causes, like a hefty $226 million donation to the reparation of Notre Dame cathedral after the fires of 2019.

Alice Walton: $51.3 Billion

Millions of people shop at Walmart but few give thought to the founder of the world’s largest retailer. Walmart was actually founded by Sam Walton, the father of Alice Walton who is on our list of richest females walking the earth. Alice Walton does have brothers but they don’t play an active role in running the retail chain as she does. Alice happens to also be the chairperson and founder of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art which was founded in 2011. She is a philanthropist and has founded Art Bridges, a non-profit organization, in 2017. The organization aspires to provide better access to American art nationwide.

Julia Flesher Koch: $41.2 Billion

They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman… okay, so it doesn’t go exactly like that. However, when David Koch died in 2019, his wife, the beautiful Julia Flesher Koch, inherited his stake in Koch Industries. Koch and her three kids named John Mark, Mary Julia, and David Jr. now all own stakes amounting to 42% in the multinational company. The American corporation has ventured into various sectors, like petroleum, mining, asphalt and natural gas, to name a few. Julia is also the president of the David H. Koch Foundation, an organization that has donated over $200 million to medical research, science and education.

MacKenzie Bezos: $38.7 Billion

MacKenzie Bezos is the one and only Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife. Being the former wife of the founder of Amazon came with the perk of getting 25% of her ex-husband’s stakes in the company as a part of her divorce settlement. Of course, she must have played a great role in her husband’s success and was well deserving of this large compensation, after having been married to him for 25 years! The stakes amounted to $36 billion at the time of their divorce and represented just 4% of the company. MacKenzie is a woman with a big heart, and she proved this when she signed the Giving Pledge, sealing her promise to donate at a minimum of 50% of her wealth! Few people have such generosity on their hearts! MacKenzie is a fiction author, having published two novels to her name.

Jacqueline Mars – $30.6 Billion

Jacqueline Mars happens to be the heiress to a sweet family treat – Mars Inc., the world’s largest sweet manufacturer, founded by Frank C. Mars, her grandfather. It is estimated that Jacqueline owns about a third of the company’s shares. Jacqueline is a philanthropist like the other ladies in this list and serves as the president of Mars Foundation. She serves six boards, and so she is a very busy woman, indeed! Jacqueline’s son is the Mars company’s chairman on the board of directors, his name being Stephen Badger. Jacqueline is 80 years old.

And there you have it – did you even realize just how wealthy the world’s richest women are? These are ladies with big bank accounts and big hearts to match, as they are all involved in philanthropy and charitable causes. We wonder if we were in their shoes, just how much we would contribute to causes we feel passionate about. Some of us aren’t passionate about any causes at all! It sure does give you something to think about, doesn’t it….

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