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Important Financial Lessons to Learn From the Wolf of Wall Street And Change the State of Your Bank Accounts!

Martin Scorsese’s film The Wolf of Wall Street is a biographical tale of Jordan Belfort, a convicted white-collar criminal. He turned his fortunes after transforming securities fraud and market manipulation and went on to turn the fortunes of his company.

He sold blue-chip stocks, penny stocks, and IPO stocks and transformed the fat of his company. The book and consequently the movie, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ included some pretty amazing and crazy ideas that could serve as an inspiration board for newbie entrepreneurs. There are some key takeaways as well which you can learn. Here’s how you can build a great organization and keep it right there, at the top!

Implement the Idea

Stratton Oakmont’s Jordan Belfort’s company (Leonardo Di Caprio in the film) success story included two basic facts, one teaching the young and inexperienced people how to add a professional touch to their voice and come across as a professional stockbroker over the phone.

They went on to incite the gambling instincts of people and turn it into a legitimate business opportunity. While there, there had been other people on Wall Street who nursed the same idea, however, it was Jordan Belfort who was the first one to implement the idea.

Simple Yet Effective Ideas

Belfort was magically able to transform the young, uneducated people into seasoned stockbrokers was because he was able to impart his knowledge in a way that he was able to dole out simple instructions so that everyone would understand. As Jordan Belfort says, all you have to do is keep it simple, show up, follow up and stay loyal to the owner, and you would certainly become rich.

 A Loyal Team Can Chalk Out the Path to Success

A loyal team consisting of people such as Kenny Greene and Danny Porush will definitely help you reach your success goals.  People who are fiercely loyal will stick to you in good times and bad and help you get rich and successful.

Your team may not have the smartest people on board, but you can count on them when you need them the most. You need people who are unlikely to backstab you and tell you when you go wrong.

Dress to Impress

Act what you want to be, yes sometimes looking the part can get your job done. So start to dress well and this will add to your charisma and confidence. So often people ignore this vital piece of missing clue. Take a leaf out of Jordan Belfort’s book and hire a guy who makes tailor-made suits for you. Okay, may not hire a tailor, but dress well so that you make a favorable impression on the person you meet for business. The person on the other side will know that you are someone who means business.

 The Life Lessons Beyond the Business Lessons

Don’t take life too seriously, well this is a key takeaway from Wolf on Wall Street. Belfort and Stratton Oakmont took a great many crazy decisions in their path to carving their way to success.

While they definitely had to pay for some of the decisions but they still enjoyed the journey. Running a company isn’t easy, however, it is not always the destination that counts but also the journey. Don’t stress too much or it will completely ruin the experience.

 Learn From the Past Mistakes

Jordan Belfort once said famously that he is a student of history and he and Roland believed that if you do not learn from the mistakes, you are bound to repeat them and your financial career can go for a toss. What you need to know is to study the past events and the people to know exactly how they went about their way to script some major success. Also, you should study the people who came, saw, and went on to conquer before you. Learning from them and improvising on them will help you concoct the perfect battle plan of your own.

Now we know the Wolf of Wall Street film is full of so many important business lessons that can truly make a successful entrepreneur out of you. It’s not just a film, but an amalgamation of brilliant ideas that can set you thinking and you can implement the same in your real life!


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