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Here’s A Millionaires Advice On How To Become Rich and Successful

While success doesn’t only constitute fame and money, most people see these things synonymously. If you’re of the mindset that money and worldly success will bring you happiness, then you should listen to the advice of people who’ve reached the kind of goals that you have in mind. Believe it or not, money and success don’t just come to people who’re lucky. It might have happened to some people, but most have to follow a set of rules and procedures to maximize the chances of becoming rich and successful.

Here’s what some of the richest people on earth have to say about what you need to do in order to join their ranks:

Save Money On Things That Matter

You might think that following a minimalist lifestyle and saving $20 a week on groceries is doing you a lot of good, but the truth is that it won’t matter in the long run.  You’re going to save very little, and while doing so isn’t a bad idea whatsoever since you’ll be able to purchase stuff that you’ve been meaning to or be able to put some money into your emergency fund, you won’t be saving enough to reach your big goals.

To do that, you’re going to have to focus on what matters most – the money you’re spending on your car and your house. This is where all the thousands of dollars are going to be saved or spent, and you need to ensure that you set aside money as much as possible. If you can, try skipping purchasing the car at all if you can do without one. If you’ve got access to good public transport and don’t have to travel much, then a car is simply a way for you to waste your resources. As for your house, try keeping your mortgage as low as possible. The recommended amount is 28% of your paycheck, but if you can go even lower than that, you’re doing great. Keeping these two money-drains to a minimum will help you save thousands of dollars which you can start investing in whatever you think will pay off.

Put Your Focus On Saving Money

Most people save money – at least the responsible ones do. However, what most people do is save up the money that they have leftover towards the end of the month which isn’t the right way to go about saving at all if your dream is to become rich. You need to know exactly how much you want to save each month, which should be a reasonable amount, and then spend what’s left of your money. This way, you’ll stay true to your goals. The first thing that you should do is develop an emergency fund and after that, start investing the money that you’ve saved up in various hedge funds and watch your money grow.

It’s worth mentioning that money and wealth aren’t all that success entails, and as Warren Buffet has put it, the way that people around you feel about you matters far more than what your net worth is.

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