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Four Inspiring Women Who Made a Lot of Money Through Their Side Hustles

Many women cannot opt for a full-time job or cannot stay away from home the whole day due to their responsibilities toward kids and house chores. However, in recent times, many a woman have managed to gain a lot of money through side hustles. Here, we have shared the inspiring journey of four women who have gathered money from side hustles. Let’s find out what their advice is for women entrepreneurs around the world.

Jenna Carson, Partner at MoneyLucid (dot) com

Jenna Carson began the finance and investment portal MoneyLucid (dot) com as a way to make money without being dependent on anyone else. She got inspired by many other women who were in the same field. She had opted for many other jobs but was always reliant on someone else to support her income stream, which she didn’t want to.

It took her a complete 12 months to earn a sufficient amount of money since she monetized her side gig. Eventually, she left her full-time job to concentrate on growing her own company.

She firmly believes that all women have a different set of capabilities and skills, depending on which, they can start their own side hustle to make their earnings.

Dandan Zhu, Real Estate Investor

At the age of 25, Dandan was earning a high amount of salary over $215,000. Even then she chose to live cheaply. She used to share her apartment, spend a very little amount of money on her living, and save the most as much as she could. From the money she saved, she managed to buy properties for two consecutive years. Within 5 years, the monetary value of those properties increased immensely.

In 2016, she left her full-time job, indulged herself completely in the real estate business, and sold one property. And from the money she earned, she bought 3 more properties. In 2017, she took a big risk. She spent all her savings to purchase a 4-room family home. It was her best investment.

Through her real estate business, she also started her own recruitment business but was more engaged inside hustles -buying, holding, renting, and then selling real estate at a high profit. At present, she manages 14 rental units across six properties in four states.

She advises all other women to pick one of their best skills from their existing skillset and leverage it to make money. This could be done by developing a business around artistic skills and strengths, talents, or other special and unique features of their personalities and/or technical skills.

Thalita Ferraz, Editor/Creator

Thalita Ferraz worked as a customer service representative for American Express before she was a full-time content creator and fashion influencer.

She always had a passion for beauty and fashion, so she built a website and social media brand to monetize her passion into wealth. But wealth didn’t come easily to her. She waited for almost a year when her casual started making money. And when it started giving her enough income, she left her full-time job as she was able to continue making hefty amounts of money and start living a life as a successful beauty/fashion influencer.

She encourages women to follow their passion and build businesses around it to an extent that it starts producing continuous income.

Gabby Beckford, Founder of Packs Light

At the age of 24, Gabby Beckford quit her full-time job and started her own travel blogging side hustle-Packs Light. Last year she earned over $170,000 from her blogging website. But she didn’t achieve this success overnight.

Recording videos was her hobby and never took it seriously until she realized this could be her full-time successful business. After she decided to make her travel blogging her full-time task, she learned a lot of skills to master every aspect of this field including marketing, editing, copywriting, graphic designing, and even accounting. She built her website herself and started her journey alone, ignoring all critics, and with time she added more passionate partners with her.

She thinks women should not run after money alone, but consider what makes them happy and build their business empire around it.

This article aims to motivate women to dream big, they can achieve a lot of earnings besides 9-5 full-time jobs, while managing their house chores and other responsibilities. Just they have to pick their strengths, think positively, and follow their passion.

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